Enron Mail

Subject:GO ENRON !!
Date:Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:05:27 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr. Lay ,

I was employed as an EGLI employee twelve years ago and currently I am a contractor with EES power company . My wife has been

with ENRON for fifteen years eversince she came out of U of H . Our hearts bleed ENRON blood and they were wounded deeply last

Friday night when we saw you on TV announcing the sale of ENRON to Dynergy . We are and still very grateful to all the good things

that ENRON has provided to our family ( we have three children) and feel so blessed to be associated with such a caring and generous

company .

Mr Lay , we love you , respect you and most of all we trust you to do everything in your power to help to save ENRON and in process

all of its employees . Our hearts were broken when we saw your face in that Friday announcement . The stress of giving up "your child"

away can be devastated and I think you have aged greatly the last three weeks or so . The stress impact was almost the same as that

which I saw on Mr . Michael Cappellas as he announced the sale of Compaq to HP sometimes ago . Please beleive us we felt this way

whether you gave back the 60 millions or not . ( I felt you deserve the money because under your leadership ENRON has growthed

tremendously the last fifteen years or so and hence all the people here including the critics have the jobs that they currently have and

99.99 % of them would have taken the money anyway besides that what are the reasonable compensation to a leader that have tripled

or quadrupled shareholders values ?. Look at Michael Eisner , Larry Orvitz and dozen other Fortune 500 CEO 's compensation including

those that have not added any values to their respective companies during their tenure and they will see your compensation are justified .

Throughout the years we saw so many changes at ENRON and most disturbing fact is the expenses ( G & A ,outside contractors ,consultant ...)

go up thru the roof . Since I am a contractor I knew how much ENRON paid for such services , me and my wife were trying to do our parts by she

wrote and sent an e-mail to Mr Rick Causey suggesting ways to cut down outside contractor 's cost because whatever the savings will be

reflected directly to the bottom lines .

Mr Lay , whatever happened we will allways trust you to steer ENRON into the right path and we truly wish you Health ,Prosperity and

Happiness to you and your family . Thank you for reading this e-mail . Sincerely , Joseph Nguyen .