Enron Mail

Subject:Good People
Date:Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:35:10 -0800 (PST)

< Mr. Lay
< I have no idea if you will get this letter, but if you do please
< take a minute and read it. My name is Kijana K. Wright, and I have been
< trying to gain a position with Enron for almost a year now, and I refuse
< to give up. I have interviewed with some of your VP's including John
< Ambler, in particular, he was very impressed however there was simply no
< position available. I know that Enron is always in the need for
< outstanding people. I guarantee you that I am one. I can make a difference
< in any department and in any situation, because I have the drive and the
< will. The only thing that I need is the opportunity to prove myself. I
< have submitted my information several times via the internet, but have
< rarley gotten any response. So I figure why not go to the top. I
< understand that you are extremly busy, but I also know great companies are
< made up of great people, why not add one. I thank you in advance for
< letting me bend your ear. Take care, don't worry the market will rebound
< and Enron will be back on top.
< Respectfully
< Kijana Wright
< (713)773-0401