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Date:Sun, 21 Oct 2001 01:09:31 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Family,

Please see the attached schedules for preseason and regular games for the
Houston Rockets through November. Because we all have very busy lives and
find it impossible to confirm too far in advance, I will wait closer to each
game before distributing tickets. Also, Ken's schedule is a moving target
and it would make it much easier for him to squeeze in at least one game
this year, if we could do it on shorter notice. Our eight basketball seats
are amazing and the tickets are a hot item, so hopefully everyone will try
to make this work and have fun doing it.

I will wait at least seven days before each game to distribute the tickets.
If you have any interest in pre-selecting certain games that you definitely
want to attend, please advise me and I will put your name on the list with
an * next to it. Additionally, if you think you know your schedule and
would like to be considered in the ticket distribution for certain games, I
will put your name on the list with a ? next to your name. Once your name
is on the list and as each game gets closer, I would appreciate it if you
would contact me ASAP when you find out that you are unable to attend.
Everyone has said that they want to be fair and rotate, so that each family
member has a shot at attending a game and getting both kinds of tickets.
Hopefully, we can all work it out. However, in the event that we have more
requests than tickets for the same game, and we are unable to settle it, I
will have Barb pull names out of a hat. Once you confirm your attendance,
tickets can be put in an envelope with your name on them and sent down to
the doorman at the Huntingdon for you to pick up.

For any games where our immediate family is not able to use the tickets,
they will be distributed to other lucky recipients in a rotating order. I
will have Barb draw your names and ours out of a hat to create the rotation.
If you have other family members or someone special that you would like to
offer tickets to, let me know. I can either contact you and have you
contact them or you can give me their names and contact information and Barb
will contact them directly, as you wish.

In the event that I am traveling or cannot be reached, please contact Barb
as she will be copied in on all current schedules and have access to the
tickets. GO ROCKETS!

Love, Mom/Linda