Enron Mail

Subject:Half truths
Date:Fri, 18 Jan 2002 06:50:29 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Lay

We are getting blasted in the news and a lot of the information is false. There is NO one there to tell the complete truth. Americans are getting the news that the media wants them to hear and it is not the full truth. Don't we need a spokesman to counter the lies?

In the end even if there were no wrong doing, it won't matter because the media (and politicians) have said the same lies over and over and finally Americans believe it no matter if it is the truth or not. Day after day they have people on who say, "I heard that Enron has fired 20,000 employees". They never have someone on that really knows. And, "Enron benefited from 17 provisions in this law". WELL - - so did Dynegy, and Williams and El Paso and on and on. And, "Enron only paid taxes one out of five years". WELL - - how many large companies did the same? And, "Ken Lay called O'Neil". WELL - - how many CEO's of large companies called him? No one is there to represent Enron. Enron has done things wrong, but it doesn't help if no one is there to stop the half truths and flat out lies.

Please allow someone who has the knowledge and skills to go on TV and tell both sides.
Thanks. Cecil