Enron Mail

Subject:I Am Happy!!!
Date:Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:05:26 -0800 (PST)

Hello Mr. Kenneth Lay,

I hope you don't mind an email from someone who is not very high
in the decision-making level of Enron but I have such strong need
to share my thoughts and visions with you.

First, I am so happy that we are not going to be acquired by Dynegy.
Enron is an entity that deserves to live on.

Second, I have a vision that we (Enron) become a "Wiser & Quieter" Enron.

I wish I can do something to help raise the "millions/billions" of dollars needed
to survive in the shortrun, but all I can do is continue working on my project
as I have done before....

I personally do not mind the company shrinking to a very modest level
in the next 12-48 months, selling off core businesses, and adopting a more
cautious role to ALL spending. Even if we are layed-off we can always
come back in the future.

Third, I just want to share an imagery of Enron being strong again in the future...
Not with the previous ostentatiousness that prevailed in "the old days" but with
a newly developed sense of Wisdom and Maturity.
...And there will be articles in the Wall Street Journal about how the Enron giant
has slowly but consistently lifted itself out of the gutter to become a
"Wiser & Quieter Enron".

If there is anything I can do to help you in this endeavor please let me know.
I have no strong family obligations that prevent me from working long hours
on some additional short-term projects to help out my Enron.

Best Wishes!

Anastasia Aourik
Weather Derivatives Pre-Trade Analytics
Enron Net Works, L.L.C.