Enron Mail

Subject:I was unable to submit my question via eSpeak
Date:Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:54:42 -0700 (PDT)

I tried to submit my question via eSpeak however I received the following m=
essage "The system was unable to process your request. The information you=
submitted may be in error." Since I was unable to submit my question via =
eSpeak I thought I'd send my question to you directly. =20

I'd like to begin by welcoming you back. Although Enron has some experienc=
ed difficult times during the past year I know that you will help lead us a=
nd obtain our goal of being the world's leading company. =20

Secondly, I wanted to bring to your attention a matter that concerns me a g=
reat deal. A close personal friend of mine who works at Enron and lives in=
an outlying area of Houston has been commuting to work in what I would con=
sider a risky manner. What she does and from what I understand its a commo=
n practice among Enron employees as well as others who work downtown is pic=
k up riders from the park & ride lots so that she can get on the HOV lane. =
People from what I understand literally line up and cars drive up and pick=
up passengers. It goes without saying that the majority of the time the d=
rivers do not know who they are picking up or vice-versa. This is the part=
that concerns me. I'm sure that most of the people that do this are good =
people and have no bad intentions and are simply trying to save time and ma=
ybe even get a little extra sleep. However, what concerns me is eventuall=
y I think someone who has bad intentions will come along and I don't want a=
nything to happen to my friend or anyone else for that matter. I'd like to=
see if there is something that Enron can do so that our co-workers, friend=
s, and loved ones can commute to downtown in a manner that isn't so risky. =
I have told my friend that this isn't a safe practice but unfortunately it=
has fallen on deaf ears and would at least like to try an come up with an =
alternative for her. =20

The only alternative I could come up with is if Enron formed a voluntary li=
st of Enron employees who live in the same area and commute to downtown in =
this manner so that they can car-pool in together. I know some people migh=
t say that this isn't an Enron issue but I think it is because several Enro=
n employees commute to downtown in this manner. =20

This months tragic events made me realize that sometimes we place too much =
of an emphasis on things that really don't matter and to focus on the thing=
s that do. I just want to try and make sure that nothing happens to my fri=
end. Thank you for your time and once again welcome back. =20