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Subject:Interwoven's Web Content Infrastrucure in support of Enron's Portal
Date:Mon, 1 Oct 2001 15:24:04 -0700 (PDT)

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Mr. Lay,

My name is Dennis Elkins.

I am Interwoven's Enterprise Account Manager for Compaq and Enron.

Interwoven is the Market Leader in Web Content Management.

Compaq, GE, Cisco and Siemens have chosen Interwoven for its worldwide Content Management Infrastructure.

Enron is currently considering Web Content Management Software for use in support of Enron's Enterprise Portal Systems initiative.
( see our attached RFP response)

I am aware that you are a member of Compaq's Board of Directors.

We see similarities in Enron's needs and Compaq's current deployment architecture.

I am sending you this e-mail to suggest that we arrange for you and your executives to visit Compaq.

In the interim, I would ask that you contact Marius Haas, Compaq's VP, WW eBusiness.

Mr. Haas' number is 281-514-5788.

Here are some of the reasons Interwoven is extending its Market Leadership.
1. Interwoven has PROVEN Global Enterprise scalability
This is a function of our UNIQUE architecture

2. 44 of the Fortune 100 have selected Interwoven:
Our Customers include Cisco, GE, Compaq, Intel, Siemens and Philips

We are the only profitable company in this market segment with a very strong Balance Sheet

We have 200+ Engineers exclusively FOCUSED on web content management

The demands of a Web Architecture are totally different than a document management architecture

See attached Gartner Magic Quadrant Matrix and Meta Group.

We have proven success in GLOBAL implementations.
Interwoven's system integration partners include: IBM, Accenture, PWC, Deloitte Consulting, Anderson, etc.

7. We have "off the shelf" interface to TIBCO's Portal Product and other market leading Portal Product.

Best Regards,
Dennis Elkins
Manager, Enterprise Accounts
408 605-0168 (mobile)
Heather Jones
Enterprise Account Representative
408-530-7702 (office)
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