Enron Mail

Subject:Laura Bush
Date:Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:01:50 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Mr. Lay,
It was so wonderful to see you and Linda at the party on Sat. night.
We had such a great time seeing so many friends. My dad had a good time as
well. He said it was the latest he has stayed out in a long time, and for a
good reason. He has such wonderful friends.
I want to thank you for considering helping me in acheiving my goal
which is to get Laura Bush to speak at a fund raiser for our school. The
event will be in April; of course depending on her schedule this can change,
but we have reserved the Snowmass Conference Center for the 19th. This is a
great celebration for us and for education. If you watch our video I am
sending for your viewing you will understand what we have been through just
to have the right to keep our doors open. We settled with Pitkin County
several years ago on a Supreme Court ruling by Judge Madge in our favor. We
were able to use those funds to build our current building. We will be
making a new video for the gala that will include our high school. The
current video was made two years ago when we decided to embark upon high
I know you understand the draw Mrs. Bush would have at such an event.
It would be very meaningful for us if she could attend the celebration. I
appreciate anything you could do that would encourage her to come. I hope
you and Linda will keep this time open on your busy schedules and attend. We
are hoping to set into place endowment and educational chairs that will
secure the future of our school. I may have mentioned our next endeavor we
see in our future would be to open the school up for others across the
country to come and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings as well as
the christian education. We will have host families that will house the
students at first until we can absorb them perhaps as boarders. We know God
is in charge and He will direct our path in this possibility.
I did not get the chance to also tell you how grateful we are as a
school for Technology for All. Our little school was the test pilot and the
first out of state set up and delivery. Of course, I told them that if I had
to drive to Texas to get them I would and that is just what we did on one of
our Spring Breaks. We loaded up a UHaul and drove 15 computers back to
Basalt for our state of the art computer lab. We have a wonderful man who
has networked them all We are modem, cd rom and internet compatable now. We
have just received more for each of our high school classrooms from the
office in Denver. The fruit of your labor is prospering and we are so
thankful. We probably have one of the best computer labs in the valley.
Thank you again for your consideration. Please share the video with
Linda. I know she will get a kick out of seeing William in action. He truly
has a gift at what he does. We are proud to be a part of such wonderful
work. I will send the video today with some more info on the school. Give
our regards to Bo and David. We think of them often and always glad to see
them when we do in Aspen. May God continue to bless all that you put your
hand to, indeed!
The best way to reach me is by email: bgodthing@aol.com
Serving Him,
Barbara T. Collins