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Subject:Learn how Walmart.com, the world's largest retailer, manages its
Date:Tue, 6 Nov 2001 15:24:54 -0800 (PST)

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size=4<Imagine managing the gigantic application infrastructure behind Walmart.com,
the web site that supports the nation's #1 retailer, hosting more than 4,150 stores nationwide.
When faced with this exact challenge, Dan Peterson, Director of Website Operations/Engineering for
Walmart.com evaluated several tools and chose ProactiveNet!
Now Dan talks about his decision.
Join our live conference call with Dan Petersen and ProactiveNet CEO, Ajay Singh, to learn about:
Some of the challenges faced by the operations staff at Walmart.com
The other products evaluated
Why Walmart.com chose ProactiveNet
The ProactiveNet install and deployment experience
How ProactiveNet improved Walmart.com problem resolution efforts

ProactiveNet delivers the next generation of application performance analysis tools designed to detect any
performance degradation in the infrastructure, pinpoint the root cause, predict potential problems and initiate
proactive actions long before any online applications or services are actually disrupted.
IN JUST THREE MOUSE CLICKS, ProactiveNet gets you to the "Root Cause" of any application performance
slow down and protects your valuable staff resources by instantly alerting the exact internal specialist needed to
get the problem fixed!
When: November 14, 1:00 p.m. PST
Walmart.com Reference Call
Please take the next step to see how ProactiveNet can help you PREDICT and SOLVE performance problems,
SAVE COSTS and dramatically improve your IT staff's QUALITY OF LIFE by joining us on this informative call!
To register, visit http://www.proactivenet.com/conf_call-walmart.asp or call me directly.
Vicki Vance
ProactiveNet, Inc.
Manager, Inside Sales
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