Enron Mail

Subject:Letter from Boris Brevnov
Date:Wed, 19 Sep 2001 15:00:19 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

I would like to thank you for the great experience that I had with Enron,
and for the opportunity that you gave me three years ago. I joined Enron
looking for a change and I have never regretted of my choice.

A lot of things changed over this time. In my first presentation to Gazprom
in Moscow, I remember, that I pictured Enron as the largest gas pipeline
operator in Americas aggressively looking for energy development projects in
emerging markets. Two years later, I was talking to Microsoft executives in
Redmond, who were looking for a partner to conquer a high-tec broadband
world. I don't know any other company, which can offer such an opportunity
for a change and growth, and which is able to change itself so much as

I am grateful that over this time you have been personally involved in my
business career and introduced me to the Enron management team - Mark
Frevert, Richard DiMichele, Vince Kaminsky and others.

I also would like to use this opportunity to admit some of my mistakes. As
it was my first experience inside a corporate environment (not as CEO), it
took me some time to develop relationships with people inside Enron. These
relationships are critical to achieving success within the company. But
Enron is a great place to learn, and in a culture that encourages innovation
and risk-taking, some mistakes are inevitable. I am pleased that the deal
that my team and I developed and managed to provide Microsoft (MSN) with
broadband network was successful (you may remember we discussed this idea
prior to my move to Enron Broadband Services).

This spring I took an advantage of your recommendation and graduated from
the Harvard Advanced Management Program. It was a great experience and I
learned professionally and personally. It was a very competitive group of
executives from all over the world, and the program consisted of a
three-month intensive academic curriculum. Together with one of my Harvard
classmates and his Canadian telecom company, we are now working to start a
new business in the US.

You have a challenging task to return Enron to its leadership position. I
admire the steps that you are making. Without restoring integrity to
internal and external relationships, it would be impossible to achieve this
goal. I have no doubts that you and your colleagues will make this happen.

I wish you all the best and thank you again for the opportunity that you
offered me. I hope that our paths will cross again.

Best regards to you and your family,

Boris Brevnov
Tel. (540) 687-6763
PO Box 471
Middleburg, VA 20118