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Subject:Limited Time Offer: Net Connection Corporation Government DSL
Date:Fri, 30 Nov 2001 06:16:16 -0800 (PST)

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=09=09Get DSL: Click Here =09=09
ANSWER site =09Need to Meet your Budget? =09Check DSL Availability =09=09
=09=09=09[IMAGE]Need Security? Need High Speed Internet and True Broadband=
? =09
=09=09 [IMAGE] Net Connection, as a prime contractor under GSA's FTS SDC =
initiative , is proud to offer you Internet Security and Broadband Internet=
Access Services for agencies and individual employees. Our contract has se=
veral service offerings for security and high-speed Internet connectivity w=
hich include high-speed DSL Internet, traditional high-speed access method=
s (T1, T3), next-generation broadband (satellite), as well as Internet and =
network security (VPN , IDS ). And for a limited time, Net Connection is of=
fering special pricing on DSL services. See how GSA's FTS SDC is helping d=
eploy ANYTIMEANYWHERE solutions for the Government. The contract is addit=
ionally tailored to accomodate a range of services for the Federal Governme=
nt Telework Initiative to provide eligible Government employees the means t=
o work from home. Under Law 106-346 Section 359 (see: TELEWORK ) we can off=
er the connectivity services needed to work from home. Check DSL Availabil=
ity DSL1 Contract, all Broadband, and Security service offerings are des=
igned to provide most reliable and secure connectivity for the Federal Gove=
rnment Agencies and their respective offices nationwide. The DSL1 embodies =
some of the key concepts for better deployment of information technology in=
the Federal Government as part of the Anytime, Anywhere initiative! Get Co=
nnected! Please send a blank e-mail to promoremove@nccdsl.com if you w=
ish to be removed from the mailing list. =09=09