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Subject:Low Impact Upgrades/Deployments
Date:Thu, 10 Jan 2002 10:57:30 -0800 (PST)

The ultimate goal of an IT Operations group is to provide high-quality services to end users throughout the organization, including optimum software for them to do their jobs effectively. But deploying new software updates often has a negative impact on end user productivity. Learn how to keep up with new software--WITHOUT sleepless nights for you or your end users.
TriActive's newest online seminar, "Increasing End User Productivity: Low Impact Upgrades/Deployments" provides:
? tips and checklists for analyzing and planning a successful upgrade or deployment,
? implementation steps,
? and post-deployment activities.
Go to http://www.triactive.com/cgi-bin/welcome.cgi?pid=011002&cid=1+2FJ+10217 to download and view this brief, free 15-minute seminar, brought to you by TriActive, the company that offers simple, affordable, and effective systems management for your IT organization.
Stay tuned in 2002 as our informative seminar series continues. Upcoming topics include:
"Top 10 Practical Policies for IT: What Procedures Should You Implement?"
"Help Desk Processes: Establishing Optimized Practices"
"Meaningful Monitoring: What Do You Really Need to Know? "

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