Enron Mail

Date:Tue, 23 Oct 2001 09:26:02 -0700 (PDT)

Ken, please read

My prayers go out with you as grab the wheel of this ship and try to get it=
back onto smoother waters However, I am currently enduring my own issues i=
n house. I am sending this note to point out that some basic values in our =
organization are lacking. I only want to point out to you my example of the=
ambiguity of excellence. I attempted to attend the all employee meeting bu=
t was turned away at the door. The reason was I lost my badge during a busi=
ness trip last week. A Mr. Alex Varez (director security) informed me that =
no one can enter the meeting without an Enron ID badge. So I waited and wat=
ched. I watched as three gentleman were let in by a Mr. Steve Kane or Kean.=
I questioned Mr. Varez and a Mr. Mark Jeffries as to what criterion did th=
e rules change. He stated Mr. Kane/Kean vouched for the gentlemen. Of cours=
e I left and hurried back to listen to your assessment and write this e-mai=
l. The fundamentals are often waived just like the entry of the three gentl=
emen who where allowed in the meeting. The sad part is that I have been her=
e almost five years and shook the hands of 5 people entering the meeting al=
l who could have vouched for me. However, in this example knowing the right=
person mattered. The rules did not apply equally. I said all this to say n=
ow more than ever you need to drive home our values. And force a wholesome =
discipline throughout our organization. It appears that the management team=
is looking at external indicators instead of internal indicators. If we fe=
el our values are being delivered in-house then the collective "we" will ch=
ange external perceptions.=20

Here is some food for thought that will assist in changing the direction of=
Enron. I do not know if you are a God fearing man. However, my intuition s=
ays you are. The foundation of the EBN is on blessed ground, the earth is o=
ld church property. I don't know if you ever considered that but I am relat=
ively sure that it is fact. Any business within the walls on this ground is=
in a better position to prosper. I am not sure if the new building is on t=
he blessed grounds. It could be beneficial to have the new building blessed=
. An old tradition for future success. For me it is the basic premise for s=
uccess as we move forward.

Respectfully, David Tonsall