Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:06:53 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

It has been many years since we talked. You may remember me as your
neighbor in Park Grove many years ago. I have followed your career in all
the business publications for many years and have cheered you on with the
innovative business model you have constructed at Enron.

The reason for my e-mail is to recommend Ginny's brother-in-law, Don Booker,
for Employment at Enron. I have known Don since our days at Vanderbilt many
years ago. He is a chemical engineer and has been with Scott Paper and with
SAPPI, the company that purchased one on their mills in Muskegon, Michigan
almost since graduation. He is the pulp and utilities mill manager and has
experience in coal, gas and bio-mass co-generation. He will take early
retirement from SAPPI soon and is looking to continue his career in the
power generation area. Since your company is an innovator in this area I
thought you might be able to refer Don to someone in your organization that
could be of help.

On a personal level, I can highly recommend Don as a dedicated, hard
working and intelligent employee with the technical and management knowledge
to make good business decisions. We have had many talks over the years
about his management philosophy and I have always come away being impressed
with both his management and leadership skills. Don conducts himself with a
high degree of integrity which is an essential leadership requirement.

Ken, as you can tell, I am highly recommending Don for a job at Enron. If
you have an opening it would be in Enron's best interests to consider him.
If I can be of further help give me a call at (407) 293-4000 or e-mail me at
RDF@Finfrock.cc <mailto:RDF@Finfrock.cc< . You can contact Don directly at
(616) 846-3177 or e-mail at DBooker@charterMI.net.

Thanks for your attention Ken, and congratulations on your impressive story
at Enron.


Bob Finfrock