Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 24 Sep 2001 11:47:08 -0700 (PDT)


My name is Neal Shaw and I worked for Northern Natural Gas Company in
Midland, Minneapolis and Omaha in the Marketing Department of Enron's
Gas Pipeline Group for almost 19 years. I left the company is December
2000. I have a major portion of my investment portfolio in Enron shares.

I just read an interesting article titled Sizing up CEO aplomb under
duress a major concern. by Jamie Lareau. This article focused on how to
recognize CEO's and CEO candidates who were not up to the requirements
of their job and used Jeff Skilling as an example. I have agreed with
views of this journalist for some time, especially since Jeff called a
fund manager an "asshole". Publically calling someone is simply Not
something any CEO should do and you and Enron's board should have done
something about Jeff then.

My point is as follows: Where were you and the Enron Board during all
this? Why have you let people like Jeff Skilling and Stan Horton
virtually destroy all growth prospects for the pipelines and totally
concentrate on trying to make money without an asset base? A lot of
people believed Jeff's hype and many people have suffered! Has Jeff
suffered?. I think not especially since he has left Enron with millions
of our dollars in his pocket. Hopefully he will be able to afford the
time off to "find himself".

Did you see the movie "Top Gun"? Toward the end of the movie, Tom
Cruise, otherwise know as Maverick, blamed himself for the loss of his
friend and simply disengaged from combat flying. However, when things
got really rough, Maverick re-engaged the enemy and did what he was
hired to do.

Do you know where this is going?

You are once again Enron's "Top Gun"! The enemy is Enron's depressed
stock price. It is time for you to re-engage and live up to your title
of "Top Gun" and CEO! I and the rest of Enron's stock holders need you
to repair the damage Jeff did and STOP the damage people like Stan
Horton are currently doing and get Enron back in the mix.

I sincerely hope you are still capable of doing a good job. If you are
not, refund your salary since Jeff took over and step down.


Neal Shaw
U.S. Energy Services, Inc.
Phone: (402) 861-9520
Cell: (402) 578-8897
Fax: (402) 861-0461