Enron Mail

Date:Thu, 6 Dec 2001 16:27:38 -0800 (PST)

I needed to write this note to explain my situation
and a lack of response and candor from Enron

I received a phone call on Monday (12/3/01) afternoon
around 3:00 PM from my manager, under supervision and
instruction of a representative from Houston that I
had never heard of, telling me that my employment with
Enron was terminated, effective immediately, along
with several thousand others. The representative
provided no customary information related to final
paycheck, severance packages, outstanding expenses
that I had incurred prior to termination, pay for
vacation that I had earned throughout the year, health
benefits, future employment assistance, etc.

This from what used to be the best company in the
world is so disheartening. I will outline my
circumstances for you.

- I began my employment with Enron Energy Services on
January 24, 2000 as a Development Manager for the
Mid-West Region.
- I hold a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering.
- I have been in the energy business for 20 years.
- I quickly became your number 1 developer in the
country during my first few months with the company.
- I was promoted to Director Development in January
- I continued outperforming many others with my
increased responsibilities.
- I was assigned as the Lead Developer for the Eli
Lilly deal, as well as development responsibilities
for Quebecor, Simon, Suiza, Quaker, and Harrah's.
- Any customer that I dealt with were completely
satisfied with my work.
- I support a wife and 4 children.
- I submitted an expense report a few days prior to my
termination in the amount of $2,666.42 for company
related expenses. I used my own credit card for all
of these expenditure, not the American Express card. I
don't even have an American Express card. My personal
credit card bill has arrived, but I don't have the
money from Enron to pay the bill.
- I have additional expenses where the bills are just
coming in and I have no idea how to submit them, or
whether I will even get paid if I did.
- I had 120 hours of earned vacation remaining for the
year that I had not used yet and I was entitled to.
- I was told by your e-mail and Alex Weiselburg to
report to work on Monday, 12/3 - which I did - and
therefore, it makes me entitled to that day of pay.

The bottom line is that I have had no communications
from anyone regarding my status for the items I have
listed in here. We were all your loyal employees. If
we needed to get laid off (although up to the last
minute Alex was saying business as usual), so be it.
It is just so unfair to get kicked out under these
circumstances without any care in the world that we
are all human beings with families to support.

The least you could do is restore some of our dignity
by paying what was rightfully ours such as expenses,
back pay, earned vacation pay, and severance. Also, a
little communication related to our health benefits
and transition to other programs, job search
assistance, etc. will be nice. This is the first time
I have been laid off from anyplace and I have no
expertise in this field. I don't think I am asking
for much. If you were able to pay hundreds of
thousands to several "key" individuals to buy their
loyalty, you surely can afford to pay what is
rightfully mine.

I am very saddened by the dishonesty in the
organization and the way we have all been treated. I
would appreciate it if you could at least respond to
my e-mail and let me know if there is anything for me
to look forward to.

Ezzatollah (Ezzy) Sadrerafi

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