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Date:Wed, 14 Nov 2001 12:35:16 -0800 (PST)

Some background information for the meeting with Mayor Brown:

Brown won 43% of the vote (to Sanchez' 40%) and is now in a run off with Sanchez. Sue Walden's perspective, not surprisingly, is that Brown will win and that campaign polls show him ahead among likely voters. African American turnout in the election was lower than expected, but an active get-out-the-vote campaign could turn that around.
Enron has supported the mayor with a $10,000 contribution. I would not recommend a further commitment under the current circumstances.
If you want to discuss some of the positive accomplishments of his administration, you could:
Congratulate him on passage of his version of the light rail proposition.
Compliment him on how he has responded to security issues since Sept 11 and his handling of flood relief.
(You should know that the Houston police were extremely helpful and responsive when we asked for assistance in connection with the October 26 threat to the Enron building.)
We have responded to the City's RFP for energy service.
EES made a presentation last week proposing a 5-7 year transaction
The city is opting for a 1-2 year transaction
That would require very detailed load data which is in Reliant's possession.
We have expressed concern that we are merely a stalking horse in the city's effort to do a deal with Reliant. We have said that we won't play on those terms.
Separately, we are working with the city on a demand side deal.