Enron Mail

Subject:PERSONAL -- What Enron has meant for me.
Date:Thu, 29 Nov 2001 00:37:57 -0800 (PST)

Dear Dr. Lay: I have worked for 4 years in Enron and wanted to share what w=
orking at your company has meant to me.

Enron has been a life changing experience. A positive life changing experi=
ence! I wish that it wasn't all ending this way (as I am sure you are) but=
even knowing what I know now, I would still have joined Enron. I like man=
y people in Enron have come from much smaller, provincial companies that ha=
d a more traditional culture. While they may been more stable, they never =
would have presented the high quality work opportunities that Enron did. I=
have become a more employable and confident person because of Enron. Whil=
e there were some aspects of the company's culture and practices that I fou=
nd questionable, there's no question that my life will be better because I =
joined your company. Enron gave me a chance to escape a mediocre professio=
nal life and allowed me to realize what I am capable of -- and many compani=
es can't lay claim to that. I don't know what my immediate future holds-- =
but I'm sure it will be better than if I had stayed with my old employer. =
Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I'm sure these are trying days for you and I sense that the work you are do=
ing now is more of a labor of love than any type of obligation. Good luck =
in the future. =20

Best Regards,
VV Rao,
Director, Origination,
Global LNG Group