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Subject:Press Release-IntraTel -- Unlimited Long Distance Phone Calls
Date:Fri, 12 Oct 2001 12:36:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Kenneth,
We are within a year anniversary attempt to arrange a meeting with you and
our CEO Jack Nester in order to present Telecompression, and how we can cut
"Enron Corp." by hundreds of millions off Long Distance phone bill.
The second part of this email is to show how we are advancing toward this
"Goal" and asking to allow us this meeting or a conference call with you.

Telecompression Technologies announces IntraTel, groundbreaking new 40-1
Telecompression software that dramatically reduces intra-office
long-distance phone bills.
IntraTel, a revolutionary new 40-to-1 voice compression software solution
that could shave millions of dollars off corporate long-distance telephone
bills, has just been announced by Telecompression Technologies, Inc. (TTI)
IntraTel, converts a company's LAN, WAN, intranet or VPN into the most
advanced telephony communications system ever available. "For large
corporations with multiple offices, campuses, including offices abroad,
"this is the communications technology breakthrough everyone's been waiting
for. It's easily the most significant cost-savings telecommunications tool
of the past 50 years."

IntraTel, is unique because of its dynamic bandwidth allocation and an
unparalleled capacity of providing toll quality voice with up to 40-to-1
voice compression. It outpaces standard code compressions that can, at best,
deliver voice at an 8-to-1 compression. This makes possible a level of
compression, which TTI has trademarked as Telecompression, applicable across
corporate enterprise networks regardless of bandwidth. "we can do all of
this without sacrificing voice quality."

IntraTel, which quickly installs on a Windows 2000 network, allows companies
to immediately realize savings of thousands of dollars every month for calls
to dispersed company facilities and their surrounding area codes. "For very
large corporations with staffs and facilities all over the world, savings
could easily run into the millions of dollars every year."

IntraTel replaces a company's standard telephone communications with
network-based PCs on any type of digital network. The company installs the
IntraTel Server software on one or more network domain controllers or
dedicated Windows 2000 workstations, and individual users can easily
download the IntraTel Client software from the network. This gives each
intra-company PC user, regardless of his or her global location, access to
the program's unique cost-saving benefits and features.

The program makes possible extremely high-quality PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone and
phone-to-PC connections. It supports 10baseT, 100baseT, and 1000baseT, as
well as optical-based networks. PBX features are included to facilitate user
transition from conventional Telco-type systems to network-based telephony
operations. IntraTel can support up to 65,000 users over a wide area
intranet or VPN comprised of either copper, fiber, satellite, wireless or
combined system.

Other features include phone conferencing for up to eight individuals in
multiple locations, whiteboard chat, optional voice mail lobby, text chat,
file transfer and save-to-file, and more.
Among the many options are IntraTel Phone Jump, which lets any user dial any
phone number in an area code in which the company has both an IntraTel
Access Server and a connected employee/user. In other words, if your San
Francisco office has an employee in London with the IntraTel server and PC
software in place, you could call any other phone number in that London area
code without paying long-distance phone charges.

The new IntraTel Encryption option. This solution gives businesses low-cost
capabilities for protecting their worldwide telecommunications. IntraTel
Encryption provides the highest level of secure voice, text and data
transfer with channel-by-channel encryption. Each company receives and
manages its own custom key store, giving it maximum security for sensitive

XXXX: Please have a look at the www.telecompression.com the underline.
| PRODUCT BRIEFING | Non- Technical explanation.
| PRODUCT OVERVIEW | The Network Architecture.
| ROI CALCULATOR | and find out the return.

Hi Bob,
I am sending you this Information about Webconix.Net. This attachment is in
a nut shell of what we are looking to propose Mr. Ken Lay.
Since 5/24/01 we have a 420k potential "sits" in " Beta " with major Fortune
25 companies in the US, companies such as Walt Disney, Merrill Lynch, IBM,
Ford, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, AmEx, ExxonMobil, AIG, State Farm,
Accenture......testing currently our technology, the market is extremely
"Hot", and it's been received very well.
However we need to offer our technology in conjunction with Enron Fiber.
If you like to view more info about the bigger picture please link to

Hi Robert Knight,
This email is divided to 4 sub emails....

First I would like to apologize for miss presenting my self as the person
who talk to Mr., Lay and Mr. Whalley, I assumed that you knew the connection
between Dirad Inc. ( called as of July 2001 Telecompression Technology Inc.
TTI ), StealthSoft, and e-Business.

On October 2000 Dirad Inc. Willie Williams spoke to Mr. Lay , and Mr.
Whalley, Willie was referred to Bob Justice and Ted Sietz few days later we
had signed an NDA with Enron in order to conduct a meeting between Dirad
technical scientists. Mr. Cecil Motley and Mr. Ted Sietz VP Enron
Two months later we had a meeting with Ted Sietz, Rob Justice, and a few
other gentleman from Enron at our offices in California. At that time our
patent technology was early on in the development stage.
( If you like I can fax you this NDA )

As a prodigy development organization Dirad change their name to
Telecompresion Technology Inc. to refract the new "Netch" we created in the
telecommunication industry.
Since the market is extremely "Hot", and we are experiencing 420K potential
" Sits" currently testing our Beta technology. We fill it is the time to
take action.
TTI has a valid business propositions and we can present it to Enron Corp.
at your convenience . Our CEO would like to meet Mr. Ken Lay to introduce
the hole concept to Enron Corp. and alleviating your trading partner MCI,
and maybe Qwest Commu. if they aren't out of the picture already.

Around mid July 2001, I spoke to Rick Causey about our mature developed
technology, and send and email to him introducing TTI. When I called back
his assistant Sharon Westford, referred me to George Wasaff who referred me
to Peter Goebel,
I sent an email to Peter Goebel at the end of August ,and showed him the
info on Telecompression web site. Peter asked Hasan Imam to call me.

All of us Robert Conley, Morgan Law from StealthSoft , Willie Williams and
E-Business are working together promoting Telecompression Technology.

Enclosed is the 2 correspondences:
1. Between me and your associates.
2. The correspondence between my associate Morgan Laws, and Robert Conley
the former Chairman of Lockheed Corporation and you.
Arie: I would like to get further information. So give me a call
please @ 713 345 8525.

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From: Imam, Hasan
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 9:37 AM
To: Goebel, Peter
Subject: RE: Press Release-IntraTel -- Unlimited Long Distance Phone

Thanks for the information Peter.

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From: Goebel, Peter
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 8:18 AM
To: Dziadek, Keith; Imam, Hasan
Subject: FW: Press Release-IntraTel -- Unlimited Long Distance Phone


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From: Arie Arik Amir [mailto:arik@e-business-e.com]
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 10:41 AM
To: Goebel, Peter
Subject: Press Release-IntraTel -- Unlimited Long Distance Phone

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From: Knight, Robert [mailto:Robert.Knight@enron.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 2:55 PM
To: Arie Arik Amir; "Morgan Laws" <hightecheng@earthlink.net<@ENRON
Subject: RE: Press Release-IntraTel -- Unlimited Long Distance Phone


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From: Morgan Laws
To: Robert Knight
Cc: AB-HTE; Arik Amir; Kenneth Lay
Sent: 9/10/01 10:45:46 AM
Subject: reference correspondence with Mr. Kenneth Lay re 50% savings on
Enron phone billing

Dear Mr. Knight:

The following message was sent to Mr. Lay last week.

Please review the contents. I will ask StealthSoft associate
Arik Amir to contact you via E-mail with more specific
details. Demonstration testing is now underway with companies
similar to Enron who wish to trim their phone bill down 50%.
It costs nothing for the test which proves the above. Thank
you for your assistance with Arik Amir.

"Dear Mr. Lay:

There is a way to save Enron approximately $1 billion during
the next 18 months.

A simple demonstration at zero cost to Enron is available.
If you like what Enron saves during the 2 week test, you
will greatly appreciate the annual savings.

Our Chairman Robert F. Conley, Esq. is the former Chairman
of Lockheed Corporation International. Mr. Conley established
the Lockheed Overseas Network in 120 nations. Prior to Lockheed
he established the General Dynamics Overseas Network worldwide.
Mr.. Conley is most impressed with the technology mentioned above
and the savings in telecommunications for major corporations.

If the saving of this kind of money is appealing to you, please
E-mail or contact me for a 2 week test,, and/or additional

Thank you for reviewing this offer.


Morgan Laws
Director of Foreign Operations
StealthSoft Corporation
(949) 855-0234"

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