Enron Mail

Subject:Probably too late... but Why not.
Date:Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:03:03 -0800 (PST)

Why not get more into the Alternative Energy Program. I know we have the Enron Wind <http://www.wind.enron.com/<; website..... Maybe we should promote it more.

The world in my opinion, is ready for alternative energy on a BIG scale. If we make some sort of announcement "press release" supporting the WIND POWERING AMERICA <http://www.eren.doe.gov/windpoweringamerica/<; project, the news would be a positive and "new and different" businessmen would sit up and listen.

I think we should have platforms in the oceans that support windmills. I know saltwater erodes pipeline but we move oil thru it, why not electricity. Surely we have a better conductor cable that will hold the power and carry it to longer distances now. I know that is a problem because the further electricity is moved, the weaker it gets. I think people would be more open to platforms holding turbines instead of pumpers.

Moving more in the direction of Alternative Energy will give us tax credits and "favor" (which we need) with the government.

The government says they will finance projects, so hold them to it. Put them on the spot by making an announcement of moving forward in that direction.

Enron should be listed on the websites below, but I didn't see us. Why?


We should be linked to all alternative energy websites.


ENRON turning the world around to cleaner air!

NOTE: If you deside to start something new and you need any help, let me know. Donna Muniz <mailto:silvermoon@wcnet.net<I think you built a wonderful company.... I just think the "times" hurt us.

God Bless