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Subject:Publications Are Finally Here!
Date:Mon, 15 Oct 2001 16:28:26 -0700 (PDT)

Now available! Now available! Check out these ne=
wly redesigned publications and order yours today! Here is Housto=
n [IMAGE] Guide for newcomers to Houston. Provides information on hou=
sing, schools, transportation, shopping, medical facilities, leisure act=
ivities and cultural events, attractions, libraries and institutions of h=
igher learning. Also includes a calendar of events as well as facts and f=
igures on the Houston region and information on financing a home. Me=
mbers: $1.50 Non-members: $3 Office Houston [IMAGE] Guide to =
Houston office buildings and services, including a market description of t=
he Houston region. Provides an analysis of the Houston office building ma=
rket and features articles on issues regarding corporate relocation and d=
evelopment. Direct space available and quoted lease rates are listed by =
geographical location. Members: $20 Non-members $40 Business=
Houston [IMAGE] Guide to owning, expanding, starting or relocating a b=
usiness in Houston. Includes a listing of Houston's 300 largest employers =
and top 20 business in 30 sectors. Contains more than 80 pages of informa=
tive editorial, charts and graphs highlighting various industries. An=
overview of the Houston businessenvironment,quality of life and business=
-friendly climate also isincluded. Members: $20 Non-members $40 =
Industrial Houston [IMAGE] Guide to Houston's industrial real estate=
market. Identifies, describes and provides locations of industrial pro=
perties. Contains market conditions analysis, square footage under constr=
uction, available space and net absorption information by geographical =
location. An existing space and vacancy rates map for the Greater Houston=
industrial market also is included. Members: $20 Non-members: $40 =
For more information or to place an order, call Publication Sales=
at 713-844-9366. Published by Greater Houston Partnership Copyright=
? 2001 Greater Houston Partnership. All rights reserved. TELL A FRIEND =

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