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Subject:Publications Are Here!
Date:Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:36:29 -0800 (PST)

Now available! Now available! Check out these ne=
wly redesigned publications and order yours today! Here is Housto=
n [IMAGE] A newcomer and relocation guide to Houston. Provides informat=
ion on housing, schools, transportation, shopping, medical facilities, lei=
sure activities and cultural events, attractions, libraries and institutio=
ns of higher learning. Also includes a calendar of events as well as facts=
and figures on the Houston region and information on financing a home. =
Members: $1.50 Nonmembers: $3 Energy Capital Houston [IMAGE]=
This definitive industry guide features a comprehensive look at the Ho=
uston region's energy industry. Offers more than 200 pages of detailed =
information including features, local energy company profiles and a direct=
ory of energy companies listing more than 1,200 firms, with name, addr=
ess, phone, fax, Web address, industry classification and number of employ=
ees. A must-have reference tool for companies dealing in or with the ener=
gy industry in Houston. Members: $20 Nonmembers: $40 Tech=
nology Houston [IMAGE] A comprehensive guide to Houston's technology ind=
ustry that is ideal for developing new business contacts and recruiting p=
ersonnel. Articles feature the region's technology infrastructure rooted =
in the sectors of energy, life sciences, aerospace space and information=
technology. Local technology company profiles are included. A directory =
section lists more than 2,400 companies in a variety of technology sectors=
, with name, address, phone, fax, Web address, industry classification a=
nd number of employees. Members: $20 Nonmembers: $40 Media =
Directory [IMAGE] A guide to the Houston region's print and electronic m=
edia published by the Partnership and the Society of Professional Journ=
alists. This pocket-size directory lists area daily and nondaily newspap=
ers, college newspapers, television and radio stations, magazines and ne=
ws bureaus. In addition, to assist accessibility to media coverage. M=
embers: $18 Nonmembers: $25 People*Opportunity*Success [IMAGE]=
The Partnership offers this stunning The Partnership offers this stunning =
hardcover book that details the evolution of Houston from its humble begin=
nings to its realization as a world-class city. With specific focus on t=
he remarkable achievements in the 20th century, follow Houston's timeline =
as it becomes the fourth-largest city in America; the energy capital of th=
e world; a leader in medical care, research and education; a major hub of=
the U.S. space program; an international port and trade center; and the h=
ome of world-class cultural arts organizations. Award-winning photograph=
y complements this compelling journey through Houston's history. Order yo=
ur copy today as a treasured holiday gift. Members: $10 Nonmember=
: $20 For more information or to place an order, call Publicatio=
n Sales at 713-844-9366. Published by Greater Houston Partnership Co=
pyright ? 2001 Greater Houston Partnership. All rights reserved. TELL A F=

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