Enron Mail

Date:Mon, 10 Dec 2001 09:53:07 -0800 (PST)

Will do, Ken. So, I guess asking you to submit a piece for the End of Year =
Issue is totally out of the question?
In any event, that request is below.=20
John Sodergreen
John Sodergreen
Scudder Publishing Group, LLC
New Power Executive, The Desk
The Risk Desk, The Bandwidth Desk
phone: 410.923.0688 fax: 410.923.0667
We're preparing our Annual End of Year Issue this week and wanted to ask fo=
r your participation. The issue is a sort of combo issue merging all of our=
publications (The Desk, The Risk Desk, New Power Exec and The Bandwidth De=
sk), and takes a look at trends, review of the year in about 20 categories =
(tech, policy, VC stuff, market trends, credit, strategies, risk, book revi=
ews, weather) and of course a look ahead. Most of the submitted pieces we r=
un are in the form of commentaries on specific topics -- we're trying to st=
ay away from the usual broad, mushy stuff you read about this time of the y=
ear -- translation, we're looking for a detailed view of things -- open wit=
h a short take on key bits that occurred this year, how it may have altered=
the course of the market or a particular sector (why or why not with detai=
ls) and finally what's ahead. The general formula works well we've found; w=
e expect the issue to be at least 40 pages this year. I'm sure you remember=
the drill from last year. Anyhow, back to you. What I'm looking for is thi=
s -- the fall of some big players has certainly put more focus on better ri=
sk management -- great, but what does that really mean? Consider some of th=
e commentaries or interviews you're run in the past on the strategy/tactics=
side, and rethink the juicy bits. What have we (the traded markets, or ret=
ail for that matter) not yet fully learned or embraced? Do you think next y=
ear will see an altogether different power market? Why or why not. Specific=
changes in your space? Each year for the past 5 years, there has been one =
big event that has seemingly changed the way we do or think about things. W=
hat will this year mean to 2002? Whether in terms of systems, credit, ops, =
venture investment, risk management, marketing, managing the book, whatever=
. The key in this, is detail and specifics. What's it going to take to get =
people to play smarter? Need about 1000 words (more or less, your call), wh=
ich you can probably do over cheerios in the morning. The deadline is Dec. =
18. We'll be spinning out the issue to about 5,000 people, so the exposure =
should be very good for you--we'll include contact names and numbers etc. I=
f this is doable, please let me know asap. Otherwise, hope you and the fam =
are well.=20