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Subject:RE: Board Dinner Meeting
Date:Wed, 26 Sep 2001 08:32:43 -0700 (PDT)

Dear All,

Sally's recommendation to include Joannie is necessary to make sure everyone
knows "The Plan" for the Enron board dinner and any other future Enron/Lay
joint function that Ken and I might host. Let's set a meeting date for near
future. A party check list needs to be made and agreed on by all. Below
are some outstanding items that need to be addressed:

1. Invitation list beyond board members and spouses. (KLL needs to
determine this ASAP.)
2. Decide on a consistent "Theme" that will tie everything together. (I
am leaning toward "Patriotic.")
3. Choose an invitation from Events.
4. Decide on a holiday gift for board members. (Received great gift ideas
from Tori and Barb; Ken and I will decide on something this weekend.)
5. Spouse gifts are on hold. (It's a Radko ornament w/proceeds going to
terrorist relief effort. Sally, send an e- mail attachment copy to
everyone to see.)
6. Choose appropriate paper and ribbon for gift wrapping.
7. Choose two separate items for males and females to pick that will
determine their respective dinner table.
8. Decide on table cloths, overlays and napkins.
9. Decide on table centerpiece arrangements.
10. Decide on other floral/holiday items needed.
11. Decide on tree decorations.
12. Pick a caterer and menu. (Maybe ask three caterers for menu
suggestions, pick the best from each and have them prepare the entire meal
for a committee to decide.)
13. Decide on what the pre-party lobby entertainment should be and reserve
14. Confirm whether Sally has reserved the piano player, Bob Henchen (Sp?).
15. Decide on Father Christmas and reserve him.

Thanks, Linda

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Linda -- would it work to include Joannie in your meeting w/Barb and
Jessica? I think it would be beneficial to her to hear all the details
and planning that goes on, as well as getting a good feel for what you
like and expect. She would also get to see the physical location which
would help.

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