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Subject:RE: Sheila and the Trade Promotion Authority
Date:Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:38:42 -0700 (PDT)

We have been working closely with the Trade Promotion outreach effort the White House established, and have regularly attended whip meetings with White House staff and others. In that role, we are "working" a number of Texas Democrats. I will talk again with the Congresswoman, and will call on Steve Kean to work her if needed. No need for Ken's involvement with her at this point.

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To: Kean, Steven J.; Shapiro, Richard; Robertson, Linda
Subject: FW: Sheila and the Trade Promotion Authority

I asked Jim Kollaer if he had talked to our Washington office and he said they have been working on it, but this is going to take a call from Ken to Sheila. Given the complexities of his schedule, if there is any other way, it would be good. What do you think?


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To: Lay, Kenneth
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Subject: Sheila and the Trade Promotion Authority

Ken, I am writing to ask Enron's assistance with a pro-Trade Promotion
Authority message to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

The position of the Partnership and Enron are well known to Sheila. She
consistently has voiced doubts about her ability to vote for trade
issues such as China PNTR and fast track/TPA, but in the end joins her
pro-business and trade colleagues in supporting these measures. You have
always been a very effective lobbyist on this issue.

Most recently, on October 10, 2001, Rep. Lee told Rep. Norman Dicks
(D-WA) (he was the first D to be a supporter of this new compromise leg
(HR 3005) and is whipping the issue for the Ds) that she is a no vote on
TPA (HR 3005).

Rep. Lee's reasons for not supporting this issue are as follows:

1. The process has been too partisan, Ds like Rep. Charles Rangel were
not consulted and brought to the table to develop compromise language in
the beginning.

2. Since only 25 - 30 Ds will be voting for this (and we need her to be
one of those) she will feel alone as a D.

ACTION REQUESTED: Ken, could you or someone senior at Enron place a
call to Rep. Jackson Lee to voice strong support for TPA?

An appropriate message is that we want her to focus on good public
policy. We are not defending the process. This is about good
economics. TPA benefits her consituents.

We have attached a study that highlights the benefits of trade in her
district. This may be useful information. It has employment numbers
and more.

The TPA vote could come next week, as early as Tuesday. A call to her
here in Houston at 713-655-0050 would be appropriate, as the House is
recessed until Tuesday.

Thanks in advance for your positive response to this request.

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Jim Kollaer

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