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Subject:Re: Family dinner
Date:Thu, 7 Jun 2001 12:17:18 -0700 (PDT)

Dave and I will be at the family dinner. Pate too.
Thanks C
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Subject: Family dinner

< Hello Everyone,
< Just a friendly reminder that the Family dinner is
< planned for the 12th at the Grotto restaurant in their
< private room at 5:30. Good food and good fun!
< Please RSVP by Friday. David and Courtney I know that
< you are not coming but I wanted to include you in the
< reminder incase your plans changed.
< For those recieving osmars food. To make thing run
< smoothly in his department it is very important that
< you return the circle menu by the friday before the
< menu starts. Osmars mondays have been very rushed
< while he waits to find out who is eating. If you know
< you are going to be out of town then please email me
< or indicate this on the menu and return it to Osmar.
< I have completed the holiday house schedule for 2002
< and Sally is madly typing as we speak. I would expect
< to see it early next week.
< Please note that I will be in Aspen all next week, and
< in Canada until the 21st. If you need to reach me do
< not hesitate to call my mobile or email me.
< Take Care, Barb
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