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Subject:Re: Ken's SEC Testimony
Cc:rosalee.fleming@enron.com, sally.keepers@enron.com
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Date:Thu, 17 Jan 2002 05:02:11 -0800 (PST)

Dear Fam.
The Feb 4 testimony is on the Hill, in the morning in
front of the Senate and afternoon in front of the
House. They will likely be played on CSPAN 3 which you
can either watch on the internet or I believe it is
somewhere on Warner cable.
--- "Linda P. Lay" <mrslinda@lplpi.com< wrote:
< Dear Fam,
< Sally informed me today that John Brindle, a former
< head of Enron security,
< is now involved and will be handling all airline
< reservations (through
< Gordon Bethune at Continental airlines), ground
< transportation and hotel
< reservations (Four Seasons or Park Hyatt) for us.
< He has suggested that we
< use "assumed" names for all reservations being made.
< John feels strongly
< that there could be a risk and a small unit will
< attract less attention and
< be easier to maneuver, also it will allow for less
< media coverage...which
< is a good thing. Apparently, he will be giving a
< detailed report to Rosalee
< on Friday of this week.
< I talked with Ken about it tonight and as much as we
< would love to have you
< there for moral support we do not want to do
< anything that would put you in
< harm's way or create a media spectacle for him. So,
< unfortunately, the
< prudent thing to do is have you stay in Houston and
< pray for him in your
< safe environments.
< For your information, our plan is to go up to DC on
< Thursday, January 31 and
< back on Tuesday morning, February 5. Ken gives his
< testimony at the SEC
< hearings on Monday morning, February 4, and I am
< told that it will go on
< until late in the day. These hearings are on TV and
< transcripts can be read
< on the internet. I will try and get all of that
< info to you prior to 2/4.
< The following is also from Sally:
< "John has asked if the kids would have an interest
< in meeting with him for
< 20-30 minutes to hear his suggestions for ways in
< which to best help the
< situation, and ideas on keeping their families safe
< on a daily basis? I
< expect this would need to be done during the
< weekday. I would also suggest
< it be held maybe at the ROCC 12th floor conference
< rm. or at the Huntingdon
< and for the kids and spouses only, no children as it
< would only distract
< from his limited time. Then, if anyone feels the
< need to interact with him
< on a more detailed basis they could arrange it with
< him, at their expense.
< He did express concerns that due to KLL's high
< profile, kidnapping is not
< out of the realm of possibility but he has numerous
< suggestions for
< circumventing this."
< Let us know your thoughts. Love, Mom/Linda

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