Enron Mail

Subject:Robert Buzzanco
Date:Wed, 10 Oct 2001 11:32:24 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, Ken:

I'm a former ECT VP who is just down the street, back at Ryder Scott Company
which was my home before my six-years with Enron. A great six-ears, in
fact, I learned much and enjoyed the Company and the company, but it does
feel better to be back in the "oil patch". I still have stock and will
continue to be a stockholder as I know the company will continue to be
innovative and dynamic.

My reason for this email is a recent op-ed piece in the Houston Chronicle by
Robert Buzzanco decrying the current campaign against terrorism. His
editorial was at best silly, fraught with inaccuracies (as a geological
engineer I rely on facts - minorities make up 34.4% of the combined arm
forces - not the opposite as suggested in Buzzanco's piece) and intended
only to protract his personal agenda which has nothing to do with peace.
This may be more about selling his anti-American books than current events.
I could really care less about this person, he certainly has the right to
conduct his protest, many have fought and died for his right and more may
die in the coming days. I do object to this guy using the University of
Houston to lend credibility to his cause. That's like an Enron employee
(purely an example) marching in protests wearing the logo and identifying
him or herself with Enron. He is a private citizen when he writes an
editorial or marches in protest. He used his position at UofH to get his
piece in the paper. I know you are an alumnus, and I ask you to read his
editorial (10/8) and respond according to your hear.

Keep the ship on course, Ken.


Thomas M. Talley