Enron Mail

Subject:SDL Intl. Followup
Date:Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:32:35 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Mr. Lay and Mr. McConnell,

As per my email to you on the 9th, I do hope you or someone from your staff has had a chance to visit the SDL International website to review the depth and breadth of our Translation and Localization Services and Products. In case that message has been deleted, here is the URL again: http://www.sdlintl.com

I'd appreciate the opportunity to meet with any appropriate Enron team members at their earliest convenience to discuss Enron's priorities and needs for your Global Market strategies, and thus how we at SDL International can be an integral resource for meeting those targets.

I will be setting up my November trip into Houston very soon, and hope to include Enron on my itinerary.


Brent Romero - SDL International- 701 Brazos - Suite 500- Austin, TX 78701- Office Direct (512) 320-9170 - email: bromero@sdlintl.com