Enron Mail

Subject:Security Idea
Date:Mon, 24 Sep 2001 08:52:09 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

=09With everything that has happened in the past few weeks, I think we all =
realize how dangerous this world truly can be. As an employee, I appreciat=
e the security measures that Enron has implemented over the years; however,=
I think the events of September 11th show that maybe we haven't gone far e=
nough. Although we could do little about a suicide attack from the air, th=
ere are many other types of attack we could prevent or minimize. The Houst=
on Police Officers, around the buildings and on regular patrol, provide goo=
d basic protection. However, in the event of a city-wide attack, the Polic=
e would be unavailable and we would have to take some type of action ourse=
lves. The Security firm contracted for the building lacks the training to =
respond to life and death situations. I would recommend, and volunteer for=
, a security team comprised of Enron employees with prior military or polic=
e service. There may come a time, God forbid, when we just have a few mome=
nts to act and the police may not be available. If we can't defend ourselv=
es in the first few minutes of an act, it could be too late. I served in a=
n anti-terrorist unit in the U.S. Army and have a few ideas that I think co=
uld help. If this is in the realm of possibility, I would be happy to disc=
uss this with whomever you designate. I do feel safe here at work but plan=
ning for the worst, before it happens, seems very prudent in these times. =

Craig Buehler