Enron Mail

Subject:Shipping Financial Services Corp.
Date:Wed, 26 Sep 2001 07:46:09 -0700 (PDT)


I reviewed the letter from Mr. S. Huey Long that you forwarded to me regard=
ing his suggestion that you discuss with Mr. Ravi N. Tikoo the Dabhol situa=
tion and more specifically the Lakshmi LNG carrier and in return agree to l=
et him bid on future LNG carrier chartering or financing business. As you =
probably recall, we are a minority investor in the Lakshmi, with Mitsui OSK=
Lines the majority investor and operator of the vessel. We are not really=
in a position to control decision making with respect tot he vessel and ar=
e currently maneuvering to get Mitsui to buy out our position. Accordingly=
, I do not think there is anything productive to be gained from Mr. Tikoo w=
ith respect to the Lakshmi. As to whether he can help more generally with =
respect to India, I defer to your judgement. I think we are already well c=
onnected and engaging any additional intermediaries carries more risk in te=
rms of confusion, mixed messages or inappropriate behavior from a FCPA pers=
pective. If you would like I can have our LNG group respond with a polite =
letter informing him that we are not currently considering any additional L=
NG carriers, but that we would be happy to allow him to arrange a meeting a=
t such time in the future as we have shipping needs.