Enron Mail

Subject:Some good ideas.
Date:Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:21:08 -0800 (PST)

Dear Kenneth,
Sorry to have to bother you at this time.. But maybe this is just what=
you need. And if things work out, please consider a meeting with me to ta=
lk about a job.
First get you and your crew in front of that camera, preferably also s=
urround yourself with alot of employees. And let the world know that Enron=
is not going to roll over! I just talked to you secretary, nice lady! BTW=
, she has my number.. And I see that your employees still believe in your =
Second, do like Lee Iaiccoa did with Chysler. Take your pay down to $1=
.00 for next year pending on how well Enron recovers. Also ask you employe=
es to take a pay cut by 50% for the next couple of weeks effective today. =
Also make yourself and you top people available to get the world markets t=
o give you the room you need to be able to conduct business. AND you know =
the rest.. I am sure you have some really sharp minds at Enron.. PUMP the =
the emplyees up about doing whatever they can do to bring you all back fro=
m disaster! AND MOST IMPORTANT! KEEP EVERYTHING PUBLIC! No matter what.. =
Also when you get time go around to everyone you can in the company and a=
poligize, but most of all encourage them to keep up their good work. You p=
robably already know good leaders lead by example. Now is sure the time of=
you life to make the difference and changes you and your people need to d=
o. When the dust clears, and I sure hope it does. Take time to get a more =
personal relationship with all you people, even the lowliest ones. If you t=
hink far enough back its' the quality of the little guy that makes the di=
fference. On closing, I just got this feeling I know you can make the dif=
ference. May God bless you. And don't be afraid to ask for his help. Gods=
peed to you and yours.
Jim Long
P.S. when things settle down, I REALLY know how to make the broadband thin=
g work! No joke.. I quit one of the first big DSL companies cause of bs'in=
g customers.
P.S.S Feel free to call me anytime 313.336.5047