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Subject:Sucker punch
Date:Fri, 30 Nov 2001 02:34:14 -0800 (PST)

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Subject: Sucker punch

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Subject: Sucker punch

Mr. Lay
Have you ever been sucker punched? In case you haven't let me describe it to you. First you are stunned and shocked because you didn't see it coming. Then you realize that you can't breath because the wind has been knocked out of you. Then you get mad when it sinks in that something like this could have happened to you. Well Ken! The employee's of Enron know what it is like because it just happened to us.
You asked one thing of the people that work for you. To make Enron the worlds leading energy company. We gave that to you and what did we get in return?
I can handle a few bad investments and a downturn in the economy affecting the price of our stock. What I can't handle is everything else that we are reading about in the national news every day.
Every month in our team meetings we go over Enrons vision and values and describe what each one means to us. Little did we know that we were the only ones paying attention to what they stood for. Can you tell me what each one means to you right now. RESPECT? INTEGRITY? COMMUNICATION? EXCELLENCE?
I am trying to keep my head up when people ask me what happened but it is getting harder all the time. I have stopped trying to defend you and the others that are involved.
I have been proud to work for this company for 21 years and now because of something out of my control it is all gone. You made more in 1 year then I have made in my career with Enron. You decided that you wouldn't take that 60 million dollars if the merger with Dynegy didn't go through. What about my 600 thousand dollars that I have saved for the last 21 years. I have watched it's value drop to less the two thousand. Did I have a choice? Yes I could have sold off some of my stock, but why would I do that when Skilling was telling us it would be over 100 dollars by now.
One other feeling you will never realize is After 21 years I was standing at the end of the rainbow just to watch my pot of gold snatched away from me by the very people I trusted the most.