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Subject:Teamwork Plus! Starts The Week of January14th
Date:Tue, 8 Jan 2002 11:17:29 -0800 (PST)

Implement your New Year's Resolution! If you've made New Year's Resol=
utions, it's now time to follow through! A new year is starting. Take thi=
s opportunity to tone your mind---tone your team---and tone your company. =
Condition your organization for change through Teamwork and Mutual Trust =
and Respect. Our online course, Teamwork Plus! provides the basic princip=
les of the Adizes Methodology which lead to personal growth and dramatic im=
provements in organizational teamwork. For a free demonstration and to re=
gister online for the next class starting January 14th, visit ManagementVi=
tality . Please pass this email on to your colleagues who you think would =
benefit. If you have any questions about online courses, please contact me=
. Best regards, Glenn McInnes President ManagementVitality Inc. Phone=
: (613)722-4331 Glenn.McInnes@ManagementVitality.com =09
Online Course: Teamwork Plus! What: The six courses in Teamwork Plus! ar=
e 1. Managing Change 2. Harnessing Conflict 3. Predicting Decision Outco=
mes 4. Understanding Corporate Lifecycles 5. Overcoming Obstacles to Impl=
ementation 6. Effective Corporate Structure Student's Time: About 3 hours=
per course, any time of day or night, about 18 hours for the series. Time=
table: Six weeks, 1 course per week, starting January 14th and ending Marc=
h 1st. These courses are easy to take, even when travelling. It has a sta=
rt date and an end date, and in between those dates you can start when you =
wish and proceed at your own pace, participating in threaded discussions wh=
ich are tied to what section you are up to in the course. This means that b=
etween the start date and end date you participate in a dialogue in the con=
text of where you are in the course and not in the context of where you are=
either in time or place, or whether you progress through the content ahead=
of or behind other students. Host: A Senior Adizes Associate will offer =
comments on every student's answers to Questions and Exercises throughout t=
he series. Price: $495 U.S. per student for the series of 6 courses. If=
you find the Adizes principles useful, please subscribe to our monthly T=
eamwork Newsletter! Your number to qualify for next month's contest for a =
free $495 course is 2300. =09