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Subject:Technology For All-Houston Computer Distributions
Date:Fri, 26 Oct 2001 11:44:26 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Friends,

Over the next three weeks Technology For All-Houston (TFA-Houston) will
distribute 162 computers to Houston area community based organizations
serving the underserved. Pam Gardner, our Program Assistant, has prepared
an excellent summary of the organizations receiving computers and how they
will be utilized. When these distributions are complete, TFA-Houston will
have helped 108 Houston area community based organizations develop community
technology centers since 1998. We are especially thankful for the corporate
computer donations that make this possible, including the most recent
donation from Shell.

El Centro de Corazon

El Centro de Corazon is a nonprofit social and educational facility which
addresses the mental health and educational needs of the Hispanic families
in the Second Ward East End of Houston. The service area is located east of
the downtown business district. Throughout the year El Centro de Corazon
holds an after-school and summer program for girls age 9-17. One of the
major components of this educational outreach is a computer room with
one-on-one instruction. Students enrolled in the computer program gain
exposure to the latest technology. Students enrolled in the program utilize
educational software and the Microsoft Office software to write reports and
improve their academic work. The El Centro de Corazon facility will receive
14 computers for their computer lab

YMCA-Housing & Supportive Services

The YMCA Housing and Supportive Services program offers housing
scholarships, employment counseling, case management and essential needs to
individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Supportive
Services program served 171 single men and women whose gross annual income
ranged from less than $5,000 to $25,000 a year. The YMCA has started a
"Click-to-Learn" online computer lab. The computers are equipped with
Microsoft Office 2000 and will be Internet accessible. The computer lab
will provide free courses via the Internet to the YMCA residents, the
working poor and the elderly who are interested in learning or upgrading
their computer skills. The goal of the computer lab is to provide a learning
environment where individuals can increase their self-development and
earning power. The YMCA will receive 8 computers for their lab.

LaAmistad Love & Learning Academy

LaAmistad Love & Learning Academy is a prekindergarten and kindergarten
school with a focus on early childhood that services students ages 3, 4 and
5 in the Fondren Southwest are of Houston, Texas. The need to provide
additional early childhood educational opportunities for at-risk children
in this area is the focused target of LaAmistad. LaAmistad's mission is to
service these students and families with the provisions of an opportunity
for early childhood learning and development. The computer reading lab will
operate during the school day as an ancillary and reading maintenance
facility. The students will become acclimated to technology by learning the
functions of the computer, how it performs and what it can do The lab will
integrate science, math, analytical and reading skills into class sessions.
The lab will also service parents after school as a parental involvement
tool and family literacy component. LaAmistad will receive 22 computers for
their computer lab.

Salt Inn Ministries and Teen Life Academy

The Salt Inn Ministries and Teen Life Academy is a non-profit faith-based,
alternative school and rehabilitation and restoration center. The Academy
serves at-risk youth ages 4th-12th grade who not only suffer from a lack of
self-esteem, drug addiction, abuse, family dysfunctions and learning
disabilities, but they also lack knowledge, experience, material, supplies
and courage to begin learning and applying skills in relation to the
computer and the technology it represents.
Salt Inn Ministries and Teen Life Academy wants to utilize computer skills
to develop the students self-esteem, computer skills, marketable talents and
knowledge base in technology. Salt Inn Ministries and Teen Life Academy will
receive 30 computers for their lab.

First Baptist Church of Heights

The Church serves the Heights community in collaboration with schools in the
Houston Independent School District. The demographic make-up of the student
population is approximately 90% Hispanic, 5% African American and 5% Anglo.
The proposed year one program is to provide tutoring for elementary school
students. The CTC will host an after-school computer based reading program
for 3rd and 4th grade students at Harvard Elementary School. An additional
service provided is an on-line assistance to high school students
researching information to obtain financial aid for higher education. First
Baptist Church of Heights will receive 20 computers for their lab.

Silverlake Church After School Computer Program

Silverlake Church is located in Pearland, Texas and the program services
Pearland Independent School District students. The lab will provide computer
access to students who do not have them at home. The program is open to
children 4-5, elementary school are, middle school age and high school age.
The goal is to increase morals among children thru the After School Computer
Program by providing additional information regarding the age of technology
and integrate technology into all aspects of life; provide an
interdisciplinary learning environment; encourage student creativity and
cooperative learning; provide skill building information handling, problem
solving and communication skills. Silverlake will receive 18 computers for
their lab.

Dominion Academy

The Dominion Academy is located in The Acres Home Community approximately 9
miles northwest of Houston's Central Business District. The community is 83%
Black, 9% Hispanic, 7% White and 1% Asian. The Dominion Academy is a new
HISD Charter School for grades 5 through 8 which opened August 2001. The
Academy targets low-income youth with an aptitude for math and science. The
curriculum specializes in business, economics, leadership and
entrepreneurship. The computer lab will be opened from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
to facilitate its technology based business curriculum. In addition,
Dominion Academy proposes to implement an after school academic enrichment
program to provide ACT/SAT test preparation for youth. The after school
enrichment program will be open to all youth. The ACT/SAT test and
preparatory instruction will be administered on the computer. The Dominion
Academy will receive 25 computers for their lab.

Tejano Center For Community Concerns, Inc.
(Raul Yzaguirre School For Success)

Students of the Raul Yzaguirre School are primarily Hispanic youth, 90% of
which come from low income families. Many of these students are considered
high risk and are behind one, two or more grade levels. Total enrollment is
617 in grades PreKindergarten through 12th.The school has a specific goal
for their students which involves the loaning of PC's (laptops) to students
for them to take home for a week for homework assignments.. Role modeling
the use of technology in their home environment leads to establishing a
self-value in the student. Tejano Center is scheduled to receive 25 laptops
when they are available in the TFA Recycling and Distribution Center.

"We bring Technology to Underserved Communities"

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