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Subject:Technology For All ....October update
Date:Fri, 12 Oct 2001 11:18:04 -0700 (PDT)

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100 Community Based Organizations Served since 1998
An estimated 20,000 persons now served each week

Houston, Texas - (October 5, 2001) - Since the first installation of a
computer lab at the M.D. Anderson YMCA in May 1998, Technology For
All-Houston (TFA-Houston) has helped develop and create 100 community
technology centers (CTCs) serving Houston's underserved communities. The
100th CTC installation is in collaboration with The Living Temple Ministries
Inc. (TLT, Inc.), a community-based organization developing a new CTC that
will serve Houston's northeast side. TLT, Inc. will utilize the lab to
expand a workforce development initiative called the Alpha Career Center.

TLT, Inc. is a non-profit, multi-racial, faith-based organization
incorporated in Houston in 1997. Since inception TLT, Inc. has developed
programs designed to serve low to middle income Houstonians. Initially
operating in Southwest Houston, the development of the new CTC will enable
TLT, Inc. to expand services to the Northeast side. In addition to
providing technology access and after school activities, the CTC will serve
as an extension of TLT, Inc.'s successful Alpha Career Center workforce
development and training program. The Alpha Career Center offers free IT
classes to underserved individuals, and through a relationship with CC
Staffing, is able to provide job placements upon student completion of the

TFA-Houston is pleased to support TLT, Inc. and the Alpha Career Center
because of the innovative programming and volunteer support, as well as
their proven track record of accomplishments in the community. The
provision of computer hardware and access to TFA's suite of online software
will allow TLT, Inc. the opportunity to further its mission of "ministering
to the total man." Technology For All-Houston is proud to be a partner in
this effort.

Since its organization in late 1997 TFA-Houston has focused its efforts in
Houston on the development of collaborative relationships with
community-based organizations serving Houston's low-income underserved
population. With each organization TFA-Houston has helped develop a
technology and program plan that will serve the needs of the community.
Using new computers and computers redeployed from corporate donations,
TFA-Houston has worked with the organization to build a community technology
center. Additionally, TFA-Houston brings other supportive and collaborative
relationships to each new CTC it helps develop. These include the expertise
and online content resources provided by its parent organization Technology
For All (TFA) and others.

TFA-Houston is the local affiliate of TFA. Together they have also
developed key supportive relationships with the Houston Technology Center,
The Telecom Opportunity Institute, Rice University, the Houston Children's
Museum and the Houston Area Technology Advisory Council of the Greater
Houston Partnership. Each of these collaborative relationships help
provided added value to the support that TFA and TFA-Houston bring to local
grass roots organizations bringing technology to Houston's underserved

Community-based organizations assisted through the collaborative efforts of
TFA and TFA-Houston include local YMCAs, community centers, churches, faith
based social service agencies, community development organizations and
others focused on providing services to Houston's low-income underserved
communities. In addition to the M. D. Anderson YMCA, organizations assisted
include the Liberation Project, a CDC in Missouri City, the Pleasant Grove
Baptist Church, the Tejano Center, the Park Place United Methodist Church,
Talente Bilingua, and the Southeast Family Community Center. While
TFA-Houston CTCs are located throughout the Houston area, the majority are
located in Houston's Enhanced Enterprise Community that includes the Third
Ward, Fourth Ward, Fifth Ward, Sixth Ward and Houston's East End.

"Technology For All-Houston is supported in its mission to bring technology
to underserved communities by many Houston corporations, who redeploy
computers back into the community through TFA," says Will Reed, President
and CEO of TFA/TFA-Houston. The generous support TFA's donor base of
individuals, foundations, and corporations comes from many, including
Houston Endowment, the Linda and Ken Lay family, the M.D. Anderson
Foundation, the Vivian Smith Foundation. Corporate sponsors include Enron,
SmartForce, FYI-Net, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and many others. New corporate
partners are always welcome for the support they provide in the community in
collaboration with TFA and TFA-Houston through contributions of computer
hardware being replaced as well as cash contributions. For more
information about support for Technology For All and its community partners,
contact Will Reed at 713.316.5761 or 713.316.0012.

Supports Project of Two Houston Non-Profits

Houston, Texas - (October 1, 2001) -Technology For All (TFA) announces a
relationship with the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans
(AAMA) toward the accomplishment TFA's national initiative to bring
technology to underserved communities. Through an $850,000 grant from the
Technology Opportunities Program (TOP) of the U. S. Department of Commerce,
the Latino Technology Network (LTN) will connect twelve diverse
Community-Based Organizations across the nation. Community Technology
Centers (CTC) will be established within eleven of the organizations for
educational and technology training. Community Technology Centers are a
places in many underserved communities where students can utilize computers
and take advantage of online content provided by TFA. AAMA will help
develop the LTN, and TFA will provide CTC participants with access to the
complete suite of SmartForce e-Learning courses, which includes everything
from basic technology skills to several certification tracks. SmartForce
courses are offered in English and Spanish. CTCs will work with at-risk,
inner-city Hispanic high school students to train them in advanced web-based
applications and maintenance of the national network. Students taking
SmartForce courses will gain skills necessary for competing successfully for
higher-wage technology employment upon their graduation from high school.

The United States Hispanic population is increasing dramatically-from 35.5
million or 12.5% of the total population recorded in the 2000 census to a
projected 98 million in 2050. The LTN project will provide CTCs with a
network for collaboration and sharing as well as affordable access top
high-speed internet connectivity and technical support that the CTCs
otherwise would not be able to support. The project makes a concerted
effort to reach out to at-risk youth.

TFA provides affiliated CTCs with access to the TFA "eSource Room"*, a
private, password protected web space that provides access to application
software and educational content. Through the "eSource Room"*, students
will be able to access online content focused on their individual learning

"This new relationship with AAMA will encourage collaborative relationships
between several Latino organizations and community technology centers in
underserved communities", said Technology For All President and CEO Will
Reed. "We are pleased that students and families with limited means will now
have some of the same educational opportunities that others take for

AAMA is considered one of the most successful Hispanic non-profits in the
United States, celebrating thirty years of service to Texans. At its
Sanchez Charter High School AAMA has pioneered the Advanced Technology
Computing Center, a working model for training "at-risk" youth and placing
them in jobs with Fortune 1000 corporations.

TFA and AAMA provide the Latino Technology Network with needed expertise,
skills and infrastructure. Other project partners include the National
Puerto Rican Coalition, the National Association for Bilingual Education,
the National Puerto Rican Forum, the Cuban American National Council,
Student Alternatives Program, Inc., the Center for Training and Careers,
Chicanos por la Causa, Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee, Multicultural
Area Health Education Center, and the National Association of Latino Elected
and Appointed Officials.



Technology For All and Technology For All-Houston have both been impacted by
the important support that foundations and corporations have given to flood
relief and terrorist victim support.

To do its part, both organizations have reduced monthly operating expenses
through staff attrition, voluntary salary reductions by senior staff and
other means. Both organizations are also working to increase both cash and
in-kind donations in an effort to weather the storm of funding reductions
brought on by the difficult events of recent months.

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