Enron Mail

Subject:The Adizes Way to Manage in Difficult Times
Date:Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:27:41 -0700 (PDT)

In this uncertain world, how do we set priorities? The Wall Street Jo=
urnal posed this issue in its September 25th edition: "Managing Employee=
s who are both traumatized and experiencing a sea change in their attitude=
s toward their work poses immediate and long-term challenges for bosses. In=
the next few weeks, bosses must ask themselves what level of performance t=
hey can expect of employees who have been deeply shaken by the Sept. 11 ter=
rorist attacks. And over the coming months, they must figure out how to fos=
ter both teamwork and commitment among those they supervise -- qualities th=
at will be crucial for coping with the deepening economic downturn and figh=
t against terrorism." "....many are having difficulty giving full attent=
ion to their jobs. Managers are apt to encounter employees who can't focus =
on jobs that now seem to them insignificant or even frivolous. Concern abou=
t family, friends, national security and the political uncertainties that l=
ie ahead are taking precedence over old preoccupations." People are balanc=
ing lifestyle and workplace priorities as never before. Managers can help e=
mployees, and even themselves, through this change with a better understand=
ing of how management styles differ. Our online course Teamwork Plus! can=
provide the basic principles and objective language to discuss the impact =
of these changing priorities within your team. We invite you to take thre=
e minutes to experience the power of our online course by understanding you=
r own Management Style . And then, if you think a more objective understand=
ing of management styles would be useful, please pass this email on to your=
colleagues who you think would benefit. It is important for people in a =
team to talk to each other when changes are happening "within" people as we=
ll as "within" the organization. The vocabulary your team will learn in our=
course can foster trust and understanding. Teamwork Plus! shows how each m=
anagement style is integrated into a well functioning team and how people w=
ith different management styles deal with change. For example, to get co-wo=
rkers back on track, more "I" (integration) might be needed from everyone. =
If your biggest "P" (producer) now wants to put more of his energy into coa=
ching his son's baseball games because he has reached a new balance in the =
priorities around family and job, it is important to understand the "P" (pr=
oducer) will probably change the balance in favor of the job in a while. So=
me more scenarios are in this month's Teamwork Newsletter. Register for =
our monthly one page newsletter and qualify to have your organization win a=
free $US 495 course. When you register, please enter your qualifying numbe=
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d to personal growth and dramatic improvements in organizational teamwork. =
For a free demonstration and to register online for the next class starting=
November 5th, visit ManagementVitality . If you have any questions abou=
t our online course, contact Bill Caswell, ManagementVitality's Content Off=
icer at (613) 238-1900 or Bill.Caswell@ManagementVitality.com . =09
Online Course: Teamwork Plus! What: The six courses in Teamwork Plus! =
are 1. Managing Change 2. Harnessing Conflict 3. Predicting Decision Out=
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