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Subject:The issue nears
Cc:jbensko@fortune.com, christopher_tkaczyk@fortunemail.com,rick_tetzeli@fortunemail.com
Bcc:jbensko@fortune.com, christopher_tkaczyk@fortunemail.com,rick_tetzeli@fortunemail.com
Date:Tue, 23 Oct 2001 13:25:21 -0700 (PDT)

Finally we're forging ahead. We plan on publishing our much-delayed and
much-changed Aspen special issue in two weeks. We're really excited. We're
focusing now on the issue of globalization in the post-September 11 world.
All of your contributions in Aspen aided us immensely.
The issue is going to be an unusual print-online package. In addition to
articles in the magazine that relate in various ways to the Aspen meeting,
we will be posting significant additional material online. For those of you
who answered our three questions prior to the meeting, we will be publishing
all of those--in full--on Fortune.com. But we also want to hear from you
about how your views have changed since August.
We'd like you to answer the same three questions again now, assuming
your answers would now be different. Or you can simply send us a statement
about how your comments remain reflective of your views, or how and why you
think something else matters more.
Our three questions were:
1) Once upon a time we committed ourselves to putting a man on the moon.
What kind of similar commitment should we make now? What's the "moon shot"
of the 21st century?

2) As the world heads down its current path, what should we fear most?

3) What issue or issues will most define our future?

We need your replies by November 8 at the latest. Please send them to me
and to jbensko@Fortune.com.
btw, many of you have asked if you could get copies of your portrait by
Michael O'Neill. We plan on sending each of you a print along with the
special issue when it is published.
Send in those answers! Now! Please!