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Subject:Theatre Under the Stars.....2002 Gala...My request for you to be
Date:Thu, 27 Sep 2001 18:19:09 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear Ken,

Since you and I go to the same church and are on the Trustee Board together
( First United Methodist Church ) as well as serve together on the Greater
Houston Partnership board ,etc, etc..I think I can imagine how busy you are.
And I know how hard it is to contact you too.I am going to ask this very
informally...but very sincerely... I have a LARGE favor of you...and I did
not want to ask YOU in public last Tuesday at GHP Ex. Committee nor at
lunch with Elizabeth Dole.

I am the new Chairman of the Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) Board. I
preface my request with that announcement so you will know how important
this is to me as well as to TUTS and the city at large.

I tell you that President and Barbara Bush have said YES to being the
Honorary Chairs of the May 18th,2002 Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) Gala
...our opening night in the new Hobby Center for the Performing Arts .I know
you (very graceously) turned down my request to be a Theater Under the Stars
(TUTS) Board member...but my favor NOW is asking you and your lovely wife
to serve as Co- Chairs for that event along with George and Barbara. I have
a few other prominant Houstonians that I will be asking to Co-Chair along
with you.And if you have anyone you think would be appropriate to serve with
you ...please let me know.

We have some grand ideas and need only your name and influence to make this
a successful evening for TUTS!You and your wife may be as involved or not
involved as you like!We would like to top the funds raised by this current
year's event that was Co -Chaired by Chuck and Kim Watson .They helped TUTS
to raise over $350,000. We want to raise the bar for this event as it is a
World Premier Opening for an Internationally Reknown Organization....Theatre
Under The Stars.The new theatre holds 2600 people.We want every seat filled
for this event!

The Hobby Center -Music Hall Foundation Board will be having their own
opening Gala...I am sure you have already heard about it...It will be in
April or early May before ours as they are the landlord...we are the #1
tenant...they get to have their opening first ,of course!

Will you give this request real consideration and say YES!

I would appreciate your answer as soon as you possibly can give it. As we
need to begin the next phase of the planning asap.

Again, Please forgive my informal way of presenting this very important

Sincerly, Cheryl

Cheryl Thompson-Draper
Warren Electric Group
P.O. Box 67
Houston, Texas 77001
713 2362186 (o)
713 2362188 (o/fax)
713 5168880 (cell)
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