Enron Mail

Subject:This is a follow up to mail sent you Nov.30,2001from Sue D. Hester
Date:Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:42:45 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Ken Lay,
To explain further , I put $25,000.00 in Enron Capital Limited Life
company 8%PFD cumulative guaranteed monthly income preferred shares.
CUSIP# P37307108 bought 11-04-1993 in name of Sue Diviney Hester through
A.G Edwards acct. # 42-323-160. In reading the prospectus dated Oct. 25,
1993 page S14 under General , second paragraph . The entire principal
amount of the loan will become due and payable upon the date which Enron
is dissolved , wound up or liquidated or the date upon whichEnron Capital
is dissolved or liquidated. There is more that I won`t refer to at this
time . I do hope you can find a way to repay this debt under some of
these provisions , please give it your attention . I know this is small
stuff and you are busy but I need your help Mr. Lay . Maybe I can count
on you to find a way out for me so I can continue to be able to support

What about our medical benefits, can it possibly continue ? I have had
cancer as well as an uncurable lung diesese . I can not see any way I
will be accepted in other plans .

I am holding 200 shares in Northern Borders Partners LP unit partnership
interest since 9-23-1993 CUSIP 664785102 at First Chicago Trust . Acct
#8124-27264. It looks like it maybe holding its value now but will it be
effected by what ever happens to Enron ?

Enron was a great company, I was so proud of it. You made it that and you
can do it again if given half a chance. I Pray someone will put enough
confidence in it so it can remain a company to build on and become a lot
better than it was with out the selfish greed that has brought this on

Thank you for reading my letter,
Sue D. Hester
223 Bobbie Circle
Lakeland, Fl. 33813 Phone 863-646-5821
Dec. 3 ,2001
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