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Subject:This is a must read!!!
Date:Wed, 19 Sep 2001 20:08:40 -0700 (PDT)

This was sent to me by one of my military friends and it is a worthwhile pi=
ece to read about how we will need to act in the future. =20
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t Mesage
\par }\pard \nowidctlpar\adjustright {\f1\cgrid0 Hello Everyone,}{\f1\fs24\=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 As many of you know my son is a Cadet at the United State=
s Air Force Academy. I received this today and I believe that it needs to b=
e read and understood by every American.}{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 *********************************************************=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 \line <This was written by my academic advisor at the Aca=
demy. He was not only one of the most brilliant men I've ever met, but <al=
so an individual who combined that brilliance with common sense to lead oth=
ers. His words are the ones that haven't been <heard yet but I believe wil=
l come to be true before we have the chance to recover from this initial tr=
agedy.\line }{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 From: Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)\line }{\f1\fs24\c=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 Recently, I was asked to look at the recent events throug=
h the lens of military history. I have joined the cast of thousands who ha=
ve written an "open letter to Americans."\line \line \line Dear friends and=
fellow Americans 14 September, 2001\line \line Like everyo=
ne else in this great country, I am reeling from last week's attack on our =
sovereignty. But unlike some, I am not reeling from surprise. As a career s=
oldier and a student and teacher of military history, I have a different pe=
rspective and I think you should hear it. This war will be won or lost by t=
he American citizens, not diplomats, politicians or soldiers.\line \line Le=
t me briefly explain.\line \line In spite of what the media, and even our o=
wn government is telling us, this act was not committed by a group of menta=
lly deranged fanatics. To dismiss them as such would be among the gravest o=
f mistakes. This attack was committed by a ferocious, intelligent and dedic=
ated adversary. Don't take this the wrong way. I don't admire these men and=
I deplore their tactics, but I respect their capabilities. The many parall=
els that have been made with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are apropo=
s. Not only because it was a brilliant sneak attack against a complacent Am=
erica, but also because we may well be pulling our new adversaries out of c=
aves 30 years after we think this war is over, just like my father's genera=
tion had to do with\line the formidable Japanese in the years following WW =
II.\line \line These men hate the United States with all of their being, an=
d we must not underestimate the power of their moral commitment. Napoleon, =
perhaps the world's greatest combination of soldier and statesman, stated "=
the moral is to the physical as three is to one." Patton thought the French=
man underestimated its importance and said moral conviction was five times =
more important in battle than physical strength. Our enemies are willing - =
better said anxious -- to give their lives for their cause. }{\f1\fs24\cgri=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 How committed are we America? And for how long?\line \lin=
e In addition to demonstrating great moral conviction, the recent attack de=
monstrated a mastery of some of the basic fundamentals of warfare taught to=
most military officers worldwide, namely simplicity, security and surprise=
. When I first heard rumors that some of these men may have been trained at=
our own Air War College, it made perfect sense to me. This was\line not a =
random act of violence, and we can expect the same sort of military compete=
nce to be displayed in the battle to come. }{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 This war will escalate, with a good portion of it happeni=
ng right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.}{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 These men will not go easily into the night. They do not =
fear us. We must not fear them. In spite of our overwhelming conventional s=
trength as the world's only "superpower" (a truly silly term), we are the u=
nderdog in this fight. As you listen to the carefully scripted rhetoric des=
igned to prepare us for the march for war, please realize that America is n=
ot equipped or seriously trained for the battle ahead. To be certain, our s=
oldiers are much better than the enemy, and we have some excellent "counter=
-terrorist" organizations, but they are mostly trained for hostage rescues,=
airfield seizures, or the occasional "body snatch," (which may come in han=
dy). We will be fighting a war of annihilation, because if their early effo=
rts are any indication, our enemy is ready and willing to die to the last m=
an. Eradicating the enemy will be costly and time consuming. They have alre=
ady deployed their forces in as many as 20 countries, and are likely living=
the lives of everyday citizens. Simply put, our soldiers will be tasked wi=
th a search and destroy mission on multiple foreign landscapes, and the pub=
lic must be patient and supportive until the strategy and tactics can be wo=
rked out.\line \line For the most part, our military is still in the proces=
s of redefining itself and presided over by men and women who grew up with =
- and were promoted because they excelled in - Cold War doctrine, strategy =
and tactics. This will not be linear warfare, there will be no clear "cente=
rs of gravity" to strike with high technology weapons. Our vast technologic=
al edge will certainly be helpful, but it will not be decisive. Perhaps the=
perfect metaphor for the coming battle was introduced by the terrorists th=
emselves aboard the hijacked aircraft -- this will be a knife fight, and it=
will be won or lost by the ingenuity and will of citizens and soldiers, no=
t by software or smart bombs. We must also be patient with our military lea=
ders.\line \line Unlike Americans who are eager to put this messy time behi=
nd us, our adversaries have time on their side, and they will use it. They =
plan to fight a battle of attrition, hoping to drag the battle out until th=
e American public loses its will to fight. This might be difficult to belie=
ve in this euphoric time of flag waving and patriotism, but it is generally=
acknowledged that America lacks the stomach for a long fight. We need only=
look as far back as Vietnam, when North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap\=
line (also a military history teacher) defeated the United States of Americ=
a without ever winning a major tactical battle. American soldiers who march=
ed to war cheered on by flag waving Americans in 1965 were reviled and spat=
upon less than three years later when they returned. Although we hope that=
Usama Bin Laden is no Giap, he is certain to understand and employ the\lin=
e concept. We can expect not only large doses of pain like the recent attac=
ks, but! also less audacious "sand in the gears" tactics, ranging from live=
stock infestations to attacks at water supplies and power distribution faci=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 \line These attacks are designed to hit us in our "comfor=
t zone" forcing the average American to "pay more and play less" and eventu=
ally eroding our resolve. But it can only work if we let it. It is clear to=
me that the will of the American citizenry - you and I - is the center of =
gravity the enemy has targeted. It will be the fulcrum upon which victory o=
r defeat will turn. He believes us to be soft, impatient, and self-centered=
. He may be right, but if so, we must change. The Prussian general Carl von=
Clausewitz, (the most often quoted and least read military theorist in his=
tory), says that there is a "remarkable trinity of war" that is composed of=
the (1) will of the people, (2) the political leadership of the government=
, and (3) the chance and probability that plays out on the field of battle,=
in that order. Every American citizen was in the crosshairs of last Tuesda=
y's attack, not just those that were unfortunate enough to be in the World =
Trade Center or Pentagon. The will of the American people will decide this =
war. If we are to win, it will be because we have what it takes to persever=
e through a few more hits, learn from our! mistakes, improvise, and adapt. =
If we can do that, we will eventually prevail. }{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 Everyone I've talked to In the past few days has shared a=
common frustration, saying in one form or another "I just wish I could do =
something!" You are already doing it. Just keep faith in America, and conti=
nue to support your President and military, and the outcome is certain.\lin=
e }{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 If we fail to do so, the outcome is equally certain.\line=
\line God Bless America\line \line Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)\line =
Former Director of Military History, USAF Academy\line \line **************=
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 Please forward this to everyone you know. I hope you agre=
e that the message is very clear and must be understood by every citizen of=
this country.}{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 God Bless America}{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 Fred}{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }{\f1\cgrid0 }{\f1\fs24\cgrid0
\par }\pard \fi-1800\li1800\nowidctlpar\tx1800\adjustright {\f1\cf1\cgrid0=
\par }}