Enron Mail

Date:Fri, 30 Nov 2001 03:39:41 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Kenneth Lay,

I am the main shareholder of the european company called ECOSQUARE. The
company is owned also by NOMURA, the bank of Japan, and by CISALPINA
GESTIONI, an italian equity fund.

I'm writing You about the facts of ENRON, today. I'm interested in Your
activities about the trading of energy, raw materials and so on but also in
a strong partnership could take a new interest from institutional investors.
ECOSQUARE works as broker of wastes, by-products, secondary materials and
recyclables, all around the world. ECOSQUARE was founded in 2000 and we are
quickly developing a very good international business model with an
addressable market evaluated in many billions of US dollar.
Today I am in New York City and I would have the fly to return in Europe
tomorrow evening. If You consider interesting evaluate the partnership I
will meet You in NYC as soon as possible before Sunday when I have to go in
Italy for some meetings.

I am 32 old, I have studied nuclear engineering, I was been an assistant of
Professor Ilya Prigogine in Brussels, I am the founder and chief executive
of ECOSQUARE Co. I am well known in Harvard University too.
From 2002 I will be in World Economic Forum as new member. You can find
other informations about me also by BLOOMBERG Terminals in "Who'sWho".
You can reach me in United States today by mobile +39-348-4767153.

Kind Regards,
Silvano Coletti, chief executive officer

Via Ferrini 2, 27100 PAVIA IT
Tel. +39-0382-413211