Enron Mail

To:kenneth.lay@enron.com, christie.patrick@enron.com
Subject:University of Houston & Energy Marketing Institute
Date:Tue, 25 Sep 2001 11:48:54 -0700 (PDT)

=09Greetings, my name is Rodney Derbigny and I am in the Associate / Analys=
t program here at Enron. I'm writing because yesterday I attended the Univ=
ersity of Houston 2001 Bauer College of Business Scholarship Dinner and I w=
as surprised by the non-representation or presence of Enron at the banquet =
other than myself. I graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA i=
n MIS this past May and I'm curious to know why Enron is not more involved =
with U of H. I know Enron is vastly involved in the community and institut=
ions of higher learning, but I want to know if we can put a little more eff=
ort into relationship our with U of H. Being that a large number of employ=
ees within this corporation have an affiliation or graduated from this fine=
university, I believe we would only be limiting ourselves and failing to c=
apture the vast abundance of talent that attends this school. =20

=09Last night and at the career fair last week, I had the pleasure of meeti=
ng Dean Arthur Warga, Assistant Dean Bob Casey, and Associate Vice Chancell=
or Spencer Yantis. These gentlemen informed me of the College of Business'=
s new endeavors and direction, especially the Energy Marketing Institute. =
I was informed that a presentation has been made to Enron regarding the Ene=
rgy Marketing Institute, but the progress of the relationship is still on h=
old. I respectfully request that Enron begin taking this opportunity into =
a serious consideration because of the vast opportunities it will provide f=
or this company and the University. At the banquet, a number of our curren=
t industry competitors were represented and have either become involved or =
voiced an intense desire to take advantage of the program. Namely, Dynegy,=
Duke Energy, El Paso Energy, ExxonMobil, and BP Amoco were represented at =
the banquet. With the name recognition Enron possess within the city of Ho=
uston and the desire it fuels within the hearts of students to become a par=
t of the Enron team, it is unfortunate that we are not as involved as we co=
uld be. Enron is doing a great multitude of excellent things, but I believ=
e we can become better and do more. If we are truly seeking to become the =
World's Leading company, we must capitalize off opportunities as such. The=
Energy Marketing Institute at the Bauer College of Business will fuel and =
drive our future by preparing students to enter into the business in which =
we have made our mark and redefined the standards, Energy Marketing.

=09As a UH Alumnus, I want to encourage Enron's relationship development ac=
tivities with UH. I truly hope we take advantage of the vast number of tal=
ented students U of H is preparing and become more heavily involved buildin=
g an enduring relationship with this University, outside of just simple rec=
ruiting at a Career Fair. There are numerous opportunities awaiting to be =
captured at UH, but if we do not realize this, the talent that is eagerly w=
aiting to become a part of the Enron team will go elsewhere. The academic p=
rogram at U of H is not only what makes it a fine institution, but the fact=
that U of H possesses a student body that is reflective of Enron itself. =
The diversity of the university develops students who are culturally aware,=
understand the meaning of dedication and commitment (most students work an=
d attend school), and who are fueled by an innovative, entrepreneurial mind=
set; all of the elements upon which we focus. We need to take advantage =
of the access we have to U of H and position ourselves for the future by gr=
asping hold of the students and opportunities at U of H. Students graduate=
from the Bauer College of Business well-rounded, prepared to enter any are=
na of the workplace; from Marketing and Management to Information Technolog=
y and Finance, and ready to assume roles as the future executives and leade=
rs of tomorrow.

=09If there is anything I can do to assist in strengthening the relationshi=
ps between Enron and my Alma Mata or demonstrating the importance of this n=
eed, please let me know. I trust these words will not be viewed as offensi=
ve or taken lightly, but that they inspire change. Enron can truly make a =
profound impact on the campus of the University of Houston, aid in the care=
er advancement of new graduates, receive recognition in the community, and =
position itself to truly become the World's Leading company. =20

=09I hope I can be a part of the efforts to build the relationship with U o=
f H and make the vision Enron has become a reality. Thank you and take car=

Respectfully, =20

Rodney J. Derbigny =20
Global Technology Track=20
Enron Energy Operations - IT