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Date:Tue, 2 Oct 2001 15:06:04 -0700 (PDT)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As a follow up to Jim Schiro's note, I would like to solicit your views and
understand your thinking as it relates to the Global Business Council.

It would be helpful to get your thoughts and ideas to develop the framework
of the Global Business Council in the following areas. I am aware of the
pressures on your time. Brief points, or the first thoughts that come to
mind will suffice.


What are the primary objectives/activities of the GBC?
What are the specific activities that the GBC will undertake and those
it will not undertake?


Who should be members of the GBC
How many members should be on the GBC?
What are your recommendations for the 1) membership selection process,
2) membership period, 3) membership orientation


What should the leadership structure look like?
How should leaders be selected, and the length of terms?
How often should the GBC meet (keeping in mind the objectives of the
What are your recommended location (s) and/or format of meetings (e.g.,
face-to-face in various locations, video conferences, etc.)


How should the GBC operate in order to accomplish its goals (working
groups, special projects, interaction)?
Who should attend the meetings (WEF members, only GBC)?
How should the GBC interact with the other councils (WEF consultative
groups, etc.)?


How will the performance of the GBC be monitored (groups and

- Performing the key responsibilities of the charter
- Council dynamics: communication, discussion and consensus
- Interaction with the WEF and other councils
- Appropriateness of focus areas
- Attendance, preparation and participation

We will incorporate your feedback into a strawman charter and circulate it
for your review next week.

Thank you once again for taking the time to shape this thinking.



(P.S. - Many thanks to those who have already responded to Jim's initial
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