Enron Mail

Subject:We do not want our baby to Die- What can we do to keep Enron Alive
Date:Sun, 11 Nov 2001 21:20:29 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Lay:

For most of Enron employees, November 9th will go down as one of the most t=
ragic days of our lives. We are not ready to give up on Enron and have its =
name disappear from the world. On a personal level, I can handle the financ=
ial loss as I invested everything(including my 401k) into Enron because I b=
elieved in it. I will now be working till I die which I do not mind. What I=
mind the most is to have Enron's name diappear. Please tell us if there i=
s anything we can do to keep our baby alive. I am willing to sacrifice what=
ever I have for this.


Nasim Khan =20
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Nasim H Khan
10/28/2001 12:26 AM
To:=09Kenneth Lay/Enron@EnronXGate

Subject:=09May God Bless you and your family- We are with you

Mr. Lay:

In view of the events of past weeks surrounding Enron's stock, I am taking =
the liberty of writing this note to you. I will try to keep this brief. Fir=
st of all, I want to say that you are doing a terrific job. With your lead=
ership we will turn this around soon. May God bless you and your family so =
you can continue leading this great company out of this crisis. I have been=
with the company for almost 21 years. I remember the difficult days that w=
e have been through during this time . Particularly I remember like yesterd=
ay when I used to be in Omaha and you came there and, talked to all of us a=
nd gave us hope and your commitment to turn things around in those uncertai=
n and difficult days after the merger and promised to make this a great com=
pany. We all rallied behind you and we turned this company into one of the =
greatest company in the world. We are with you now, and with your leadershi=
p we will turn this around again. For most of us, Enron is not just a place=
to work. It is part of us. It is our family. It is our life. In the curre=
nt situation the pain we feel is the same as if one of our loved one was se=
riously sick and we did not know what to do except to follow the advise of =
the doctor. We will follow your advise and give you our 200% . On a persona=
l level for me this a very emotional and painful time. I have grown with th=
is company that has given me great opportunities. Currently I am working i=
n Bolivia as president of Gas TransBoliviano and feel perhaps there is some=
thing I should be doing to help in this situation. Mr. Lay, If there is any=
thing I can do above and beyond my current job, please let me know. You hav=
e my commitment and I will not disappoint you. Please consider me like one =
of those guys in NY showing up with shovels to help after the WTC disaster.=
I am hoping that I will be called upon. Again, may God bless you and your =
family. Look forward to seeing you in San Antonio.

With Kind Regards,

Nasim Khan=20