Enron Mail

Subject:Wind asset
Date:Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:41:07 -0800 (PST)


At the conclusion of our phone conversation, you indicated that I should get
back with you if we were having any difficulty in pursuing our interest in
acquiring the Enron wind business. Knowing the many demands on your time, I
regret to have to come back to you. However, despite repeated attempts, we
are still locked out of negotiations over the wind asset and have been
unable to receive information we've requested. Our phone calls have been
returned, but information and/or a seat at the table have not been

Can we discuss this again by pbone? Alternatively, as I suggested in a note
to you on Monday, we stand ready at any moment to come visit you in person
about this if you might have even 15 minutes for us.

Again, apologies for coming back to you about this. But, it would be
extremely helpful if you could assist us in being able to move forward on
our interest in bidding on this business.

Many thanks!
Katie McGinty
Kathleen A. McGinty
Vice President, Asset Management
Natsource, LLC
1120 19th Street, NW
Suite 730
Washington, DC 20036
O: 202-496-1423 x229
E: kmcginty@natsource.com

In a note to you on Monday, I expressed a desire to speak to you about so
that we can puwe were failing to get from Enron information on the wind
asset and/or if we were failing to get in to the negotiations that we
understand to be underway regarding the sale of this asset.
In my earlier note to you I was inquiring about the possiblitiy that the
wind asset would be auctioned. I want to expandbe clear here and reiterate
our intentions: while we believe that an open-ended auction would be
unnecessarily costly and inefficient for Enron and for potential bidders,
our overriding interest is in being able to bid on Enron wind, period. I am
contacting you again as you suggested in our phone conversation since we
have, to date, been unable to get information on the asset and we have been
unsuccessful in getting the negotiations (that we understand might already
be underway on thisAs we discussed by phone, I have a group of investors
ready to do this deal. Following our conversation, my partners have had
several phone conversations with Mr. Metts, reiterating our interest in the
asset (that they had expressed to him in a meeting on November 14), and
asking for information so that we could prepare a bid. To date, we have not
received any information and we've been unable to Currently, despite our
repeated expressions of interest in this asset, that we discussed by phone
on November 30th, and that my colleagues discussed with Mr. Metts in a
meeting on November 14th and in several follow-up phone conversations, we to
date have not been given access to toWe really would appreciate the
opportunity to speak to you about this situation. nyour apparent decision