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Subject:Yahoo! Finance Story - Yahoo - United Airlines Chosen as Provider
Date:Tue, 25 Sep 2001 15:17:47 -0700 (PDT)

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Do something!! (smallinvestor@i2.com) has sent you a news article
Personal message:


Shame on you!!!!!!!!!
As each day passes, I2 share price keeps
going down and down and down!
What a shame!
Where are the press releases?
Where are the sales wins?
This press release was two months back.
What have you done lately?
Doesn't seem like much!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like both of you have pocketed
millions of $ selling your positions
whereas small investors like me are
left holding these shares that have lost
95% of its value.
Where are the sales wins, where are
the press releases ? What are you
waiting for ? For people like me to
to crawl and die losing all our money.
Do something, do something right now!
SAP seems to be doing just fine. Instead
of blaming the economy, do something

Yahoo - United Airlines Chosen as Provider for i2 FreightMatrix Customers

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