Enron Mail

Subject:(Urgent:Dabhol Project and other India matters.)
Date:Thu, 27 Dec 2001 20:03:31 -0800 (PST)

Dear Ken,

I am writing to you today RE: The proposed sale of Enron's India assets

I am currently an Associate/Manager in the Research Group at Enron. I have
degrees in Mech. Engg & Finance, and will be graduating from Rice with my
MBA in March of 2002.
I have been following developments in the Dabhol matter since the summer of
2001, when I was asked to help put together a briefing/presentation for Ben
Glisan, former Treasurer, Enron Corp.

I recently read with great interest the proposed Enron re-organization plan.
I strongly believe given the opportunity, I can help achieve a successful
resolution of the company's various issues in India. In my humble opinion,
our current India project negotiation team is unlikely to get the best price
for Enron's shareholders.

My background includes:

1) The Solicitor General of India is my brother's Father-in-Law.

2) Father currently holds the rank of Secretary, Govt. of India in New
Delhi. He is a close friend/advisor to both Mr. Vajpayee(P.M.)and Mr. Advani
(Home Minister)
Mother was on the faculty of Univ. of Michigan,& best friend of Mrs. Indira
Gandi, P.M. of India.- she is currently Professor Emeritus (Intl. Law) Univ.
of Delhi, UN expert & Member, Foreign Relations Committee.

3) My parents both earned Ph.Ds from the Univ. of Michigan,and have lived &
worked in the U.S. for several years-

4) I have substantial, successful experience in Asia.- India & I am
extremely familiar with the laws/regulations in India.

5) Born & raised in the U.S., I am a U.S. citizen. But I am fluent in Hindi
and other local Indian dialects.

6) My previous assignments have included a successful stint as Country
Manager in India(New Delhi) for Hyundai Corp. I successfully led a
multi-national/cross-functional project team in addition to my executive
responsibilities during this assignment.

7) Over 12 years of operating management experience with United Parcel
Service. I have extensive experience in logistics and other transportation

Given the current financial situation of the company and your efforts to
marshall all the company's resources efficiently, I will stand-by to hear
back from you.

Hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday Season!

Pravas Sud
Research Group (19th flr)
1400, Smith Street
Work: (713) 345 2419
Home: (713) 283 5825
Cell: (832) 647 8738