Enron Mail

Subject:greeting from missouri
Date:Thu, 24 May 2001 18:32:12 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ken,
How is my famous fabulous cousin??? Our son Eric was home last weekend an=
d went to the bank with me. The banker, Eddie Smith, came out to see Eric=
and see how he was doing. He was glad Eric was working on his MBA. I me=
ntioned that Eric had applied at Associated Electric in Springfield but ha=
d already committed to an internship at an insurance company and had agree=
d to be a graduate assistant for the fall semester by the time Associated =
called him. He would still like to get on there at the beginning of next =
year. Eddie said Associated was a good co-op and would be a good starting=
place but that Eric might want to contact Kenneth Lay. He went on to say=
that Kenneth was Dewayne Rees' cousin and started telling about all of yo=
ur fine attributes and what a fine company Enron is! He thinks you have d=
one quiet well for yourself! Anyway, when he finally let me say something=
I informed him that you was also my mothers first cousin and the rest of =
us claimed you also! He had to think about that for a minute but finally =
put the connections together. Eddie has always been really good to my par=
ents and to us. I worked for him several years ago and he takes credit fo=
r helping raise me! =20
Erin graduated from high school last Friday night. She was one of the val=
edictorians and we are very proud of her! She accomplished this while wor=
king part-time at First National Bank and she also completed 12 credit hou=
rs of college this year. She is planning on attending SMSU in Springfiel=
d in the fall. In the more immediate future, she plans to fly to Dallas t=
he first of June to spend a week with one of her friends families. She di=
d this last year and they took her to San Antonio. They really spoil her =
and she has decided that Texas is the best place in the whole country!
So how is your family? Any new grandchildren? We hope you and your famil=
y are having a great year! Keep in touch!
Your cousin,=20
Janice Maxwell