Enron Mail

Subject:possible reference
Date:Mon, 8 Oct 2001 12:05:04 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry to have missed you at the investor presentation last week, if you
or beau want any of the slides please let me know and we will forward
them. Now that our venture activity is defined and stable, we are
starting to look at phase two of genesis park's evolution, which
includes advisory services. As you can imagine, we see a lot of deal
flow that isn't a good fit for the fund, but we feel that we could
assist on a fee basis. To that end, we have an interest in identifying
an impact player from the investment banking world who can drive that
aspect of our business. Ideal profile would be new york experience with
a background that included both energy and IT. Given the turmoil in the
markets, we are asking a few of our investors if they know of anyone
with those characteristics that either is in houston already or has a
significant tie to the community. Thanks, and i trust you know that we
would be pleased to help enron in any way if there is a need to
rationalize any business lines that now seem non-strategic.